Valeriia Zabolotna joins the Lean Enterprise Institute as Executive Director of Education.

Valeriia Zabolotna joins the Lean Enterprise Institute as Executive Director of Education.

It is rare to meet someone as skilled and innovative as Valeriia, especially when it comes to education. Her leadership and ideas will enable LEI to deliver lean learning at scale from her experience.

The nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), a global leader in lean management thinking, practice and innovation, today announced the hiring of Valeria Zabolotna as Executive Director of Education. She leads business strategy and curriculum development for LEI’s educational products and services, including her live and online courses, workshops, and new services.

Former Director of the Lean Institute Ukraine, Zabolotna brings a unique combination of extensive experience in founding and leading educational institutions and knowledge of Lean thinking and practice. With her expertise in organizational psychology and innovative teaching approaches, she has founded and led four state-of-the-art educational institutions, playing a key role in curriculum development, staffing, funding and operations. Her experience includes all stages of education as a teacher, owner and leader, from children to adults, from school to corporate settings.

“It is rare to meet someone as skilled and innovative as Valeria, especially when it comes to education. It aligns with our mission to make things better by creating lean thinkers and doers.”

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“I’m always looking for new approaches, formats, and ways to keep up with the changing world,” says Zabolotna. Examples include her two innovative schools she founded in Kyiv, Ukraine. The school has trained over 10,000 software engineers using a unique approach that requires no teachers or schedules.

She has also been president of two corporate universities in two of the country’s largest companies in the sector. With an energy company academy, Zabolotna established an open educational platform to attract external students and improve their financial performance and profile. She has also reorganized a team working on alternative lifelong learning methodologies in response to a rapidly changing environment.

In addition to overseeing educational programs for the organization’s 300,000 employees, the bank has arranged international accreditation from the Global Council of Business Universities and the European Foundation for Management Development, and has partnered with Stanford and Berkeley. By developing international relations, it has increased the prestige and visibility of the corporate university. , Insead, and other top universities.

Zabolotna holds a PhD in Philosophy in Ethics and a Master’s in Psychology from Kyiv State (Taras Shevchenko) University. She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Electronic Commerce from the University of New Brunswick at Saint John.

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