Don’t throw away the main chicken sandwich.Krystal just wants me to add a side chicken

Atlanta, October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Krystal, the South’s first quick-service restaurant chain, today announced the new Side Chik Chicken Sandwich. To help launch the campaign, Krystal partnered with social influencers on her media. Brittany Renner They just want to be your side chick to let everyone know they don’t have to ditch their main chicken sandwich. New menu item.

“At Crystal, we are here to disrupt the QSR situation and are excited to work with them. Brittany Renner 2 Chainz, Head of Creative Marketing, said: side. “

Sandwiches feature premium white meat chicken and a bold, crisp crunch, and come in three different variations for lunch and dinner. BBQ Bacon Cheese is a classic with crispy smoked bacon and tangy BBQ, pimento cheese, Duke’s mayonnaise and plenty of pickles. Breakfast includes classics on biscuits and a side of pimento cheese. And like all things at Krystal, the sandwiches are small enough that you can eat two or three at a time.

“I’m genuine, honest, and funny. I was happy to partner with Krystal because they’re all brands that want the same thing.” Brittany Renner said“We combine food, fun and culture into one big moment for this staple establishment. Get ready for some surprises!”

creative campaigns from Atlantamarketing agency based in chemistry Kicking off with Renner, featuring a fully integrated creative run. October 3 On TV, social, and on the go, Krystal focuses on letting people know they don’t have to ditch the main chicken sandwich because she just wants to be your side chick.

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Crystal, the original quick-service restaurant chain in the South, is known for serving delicious food that will satisfy you at any time of the day. Her approach to QSR at Krystal, recently activated by 2 Chainz as her marketing director, is decidedly different. Originally known for its tiny steamed sliders, the brand continues to reinvent its menus while offering new ways to serve unique, coveted and affordable meals and snacks that satisfy in ways no other of her QSR brands can. is finding

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