Atlanta’s Women Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) is a business incubator for the early stage owned by women. Fifth cohort 15 members.

The female entrepreneur initiative, launched in 2015, is a program that the only local government in Japan provides funds.It is supported by Atlanta City And Invest Atlanta. This program is an incubator for her 15 months, focusing on the business growth of female entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries, including transportation, healthcare, media, education, and consumer goods.

The WEI has been supporting companies that have created more than 600 employment since the establishment of Atlanta City.The member has won the above $ 4 million With capital investment.

Atlanta’s mayor Andre Decenns said, “We focus on creating an environment where female entrepreneurs can play an active role in promoting Atlanta’s fairness and equality.” WEI goes forward to Atlanta. It is another brilliant example of Atlanta’s efforts to fulfill our mission to make all Atlanta citizens fairly accessible to the paths that create opportunities and wealth as they continue. ”

What is WEI?

of WEI Atlanta website Is “providing an unprecedented access to an unprecedented access to human, educational, and financial capital, which is important to gain power to entrepreneurs who happen to be a woman.” I explain it.

Wei Atlanta also provides some statistics that support the importance of the project. This includes the fact that 47.9 % of her female girls list the lack of support communities as the main challenges for starting or continuing business. According to the WEI, there are 203,000 female -owned companies in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and 1.8 % of her female companies have succeeded in making more than $ 1 million.

According to the WEI, their efforts emphasize that “economic empowerment is a democratized path for everyone who chooses it.”

“We aim for a day when we do not mention the opportunity, which is the most important standard for gender, race, religion, or success. I’m working hard. ” From the website of WEI Atlanta.

HERMOVE – Praise female entrepreneurs

This year’s cohort’s theme is “Hermove” and intends to celebrate the role of women in the leadership of entrepreneurs. The new class of entrepreneurs is from the south, north and west areas, indicating diversity and comprehension.

Wei provides companies provide business education resources, mentorships, financial literacy support, and support services. The historic Flatoron Building in Atlanta downtown contains a joint co -working space.

Dr. Eloiser Clementic, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta, stated: “The company established and managed by women accounts for 42 % of his U.S. companies, and according to statistics, women are reinvesting 90 % of their income in their families and local communities. Supporting women is Winwin. “

“Wei and Invest Atlanta are once again proven that female founders are profitable, innovative, and influential. Wei Executive Director Monica Delores Hooks states: “” Chhort 5 is a continuous praise and award to make Atlanta the world’s most economically competitive dynamic cities. “

The companies chosen to participate in the fifth cohort on the WEI are as follows.

  • Agate Solutions LLC – Providing consulting services and online courses specializing in imports, exports, international trade, logistics, and supply chains.
    Founder and CEO: SHAQUANA TEASLEY.
  • Art Insa Paint Co., Ltd. – Art -in -The Paint works with service providers and artists to provide community beautification, community centers, revitalize parks, and provide access points to services.
    CEO: Allelius Cooper.
  • ASK Me Your MD, Inc. -Global doctor chat where users can ask medical questions on their own schedule.
    Co -founder: Dr. Patricia Kelly Marsh, MD, Dr. Seerat Mission, Do.
  • You can be a pretty cool LLC -It is a sound design and marketing hybrid brand that focuses on supporting indie artists and small art organizations to achieve creative and promotional goals. The founder is Casey Sharon Willis.
  • Force Party LLC – Fourth Party creates a business tool that allows the ADR company to manage processes such as workflow management, claim, and document storage.
    CEO: Melissa R. Blogdon.
  • Helping to give power to incorporated young people (Hey!) -Helping Empower Youth Incorporated is a leader ship development organization for young minorities, providing mentoring, academic support, mental health initiative, and youth entrepreneurship programs.
    Co -founder and Executive Director: Kacey Venning
  • Heliride – Ride sharing service focusing on women’s safety and empowerment by providing safe transportation, creation of employment, and economic stability.
    The founder and CTO are Gillian Anderson.
  • Hillendel Medical Training – A healthcare training company that is working on preparing students who provide comprehensive, ethical, and caring health care to a variety of people in various environments.
    Founder and Clinical Director: GLENDA SHAW.
  • IHCBP Infinity Holdings Inc – Commercial quality and food safety solutions that provide food and drinking companies with consulting services related to food safety, regulations, quality, nutrition, and display.
    President: Nancy Gale.
  • Joe David Design Studio – Covering brands and designer fashion labels specializing in providing a mix of classical and modern design.
    Founder: Jodiana Noble.
  • Kore reviews joint company -The beauty product company that provides and develops products that solves issues in the beauty and hair growth industry, and is the creator of lace grip cosmetics adhesive.
    Owner: Shance Wittlezy Thomas.
  • Lapapa LLC – Provides a database and scheduling function of high quality personal care assistants for children with special needs.
    Founder: Aguchi Anike Mulem Chuku.
  • Pretty Lux Picnic – A full -service luxury picnic company specializing in creating high -end picnics and events.
    Founder: Monique Alveranga.
  • RAW Body Essentials – Luxurious and impressive plant -based skin care, aroma, pets -friendly cosmetics and air fresheners.
    Founder and CEO: CEANDRYS BLACK.
  • Readi consulting, LLC – Readi provides industry -specific labor training and skill improvement programs to beginner -level employees.
    Founder: Elissa Russell.

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