The influencer marketing sector is experiencing a new wave of innovation. So how can you shift your channel’s perspective across the funnel? partnered with WARC to survey over 400 marketers and 400 influencers across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia to better understand the evolving role of influencer marketing.

Learn How:

  • Invest in understanding influencer marketing
  • Explore partnerships with influencers and external platforms and agencies
  • Approach influencer marketing as a long-term opportunity
  • Consider ways to use influencer marketing throughout the funnel
  • Communicate KPIs to influencers

This report, produced by WARC and, analyzes influencer marketing and explores how marketers and influencers align and differ in perspective. Helps identify ways two people can create true partnership Promote marketing effectiveness.

Jaime Singson

“’s industry-leading influencer management technology and WARC’s insights into global data, expertise and industry knowledge enable us to uncover different perceptions of influencer marketing. This white paper , aims to align the perceptions of influencers and marketers so they can better build thriving partnerships.”

– Jaime Singson –

– Senior Director of Product and Content Marketing at

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