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Get these transactions before being kicked out by the Christmas tree …

Key Point

  • Children and pet costumes can be purchased at a competitive price.
  • You can’t find any cheap ornaments, but it’s a great deal if you want something higher.
  • There are many affordable candy options, from bite to full size.

Halloween is in full swing this year. According to the National Retarding Federation, 69% of people will participate in some ways. This has increased from 65 % last year and exceeds 68 % of the 2019 participants.

Of course, the participation is rarely free. Consumers will spend about $ 100 on candy, ornaments, costumes, etc. this year’s Halloween season.

Costco members can shop at local clubs to prevent the personal finances from becoming too creepy. Let’s see some of the trading that you can get there.

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Kids costume is $ 33.99

Those who are looking for the fear of this season can check the cost of the costume. However, Costco maintains competitiveness and offers all the costumes for various children in the same $ 33.99 price tags. There are standard options, from fairies to pirates and astronauts.

Here are some of our favorite:

  1. Teetot astronaut Children’s costume
  2. Teetot Aviator Child Costume
  3. Tea tottomade child costume
  4. TeaTot Dragon Child Costume
  5. Teetot Winter Knight Costume
  6. TeaTot fighter pilot children’s costume
  7. TeaTot Fairy Child Costume
  8. Unicorn Child Costume with Teetot wings
  9. Teetot Ninja Child Costume

Pet costume is $ 24.99

Did you get a leisurely puppy that doesn’t care about participating in the festival? You can also get costumes. The options are somewhat limited, but there are various sizes, and the price is $ 24.99, regardless of the size and costume type.

You can choose from the following options.

10. Titot Unicorn Dog Costume
11. TeaTot Special Forces dog costume
12. Teetot firefighter dog costume

Halloween decoration starts at $ 22.99

If you want to raise the Halloween decoration to the next level, these are bargain. A paper plate on the theme of holidays can also find a glowing iron pumpkin that does not require a sculpture or even a huge headless hoseman that adds creepy to the garden.

Check out Costco’s great deals about Halloween decoration.

13. Artstyle Paper Plate & Napkin Bundle, Day of the Dead, 200 counts -$ 22.99
14. Bakery Bingbrine Halloween Cookie Decoration Kit 2 Pack – $ 29.99
15. Mini -pumpkin Luminary set by Desert Steel – $ 42.99
16. Dessert Steel Pumpkin Luminary Set – $ 89.99
17. 6 -foot with LED light Halloween black glitter tree -$ 99.99
18. Animated dead skeleton – $ 149.99
19. 10 feet towering animation reaper -$ 319.99
20. 7 feet Animation Knight -$ 399.99

Candy $ 9.69 ~

You can find everything from a bite snack to a cool house -on -the -block full -size chocolate bar. The value depends on what you get, so when choosing, consider how many trick or treatments you can see and how much you spend on them.

The best price of candy is:

21. ReesE’s peanut butter cup, miniature, 0.31 oz, 105 pieces – $ 9.69
22. Kinder Bueno Mini, 17.1 Oz – $ 11.49
23. Totzi Pops, Assorted fun taste, 0.6 ounces, 100 pieces – $ 11.79
24. Charms Blow Pop, Pops with Assorted Bubble Gum, 0.65 ounce, 100 count – $ 12.99
25. Sour punch twist, variety, 180 count – $ 13.29
26. HERSHEY’S KISSES, Milk Chocolate, 56 Oz – $ 15.99
27. York Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patty, 84 ounces, 175 pieces – $ 16.39
28. Kirkland Signature Fan House Toritz, Variety Pack, 92 Oz – $ 18.69
29. Kirkland Signature All Chocolate Bag, 90 ounces, 150 pieces – $ 22.99
30. Full -size candy bars such as butter finger, crunch, variety packs, 30 pieces – $ 24.99

Online delivery possible

Do you have time to go to Costco in search of Halloween’s necessities? Let’s have it delivered instead. He can deliver most needs in two days, but some items take a little time. However, there are some products that have already been sold out, so please order as soon as possible.

Also, don’t forget that Costco is a visa -only shopping destination. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum reward with Halloween’s essentials, select the card wisely.

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