Like many people, I was taught at an early age that there are three ingredients to success. It’s education, hard work, and high-paying jobs. This advice isn’t entirely wrong, but he has one problem. The truth is that success looks different to different people, after all. So it should come as no surprise that everyone’s path to finding it is different.

This is something I recently had the opportunity to discuss with former actress Kelsey Fomost. modern family Also high expectationsOr maybe you saw her in the 2015 movie we are your friends, Starring Zac Efron. Today, however, Kelsey Foremost has moved from her acting to her writing. And the former actress-turned-copywriting and marketing expert, business owner, and host of the podcast Find Your Magic isn’t shy about talking about mental health.

Throughout our interview with Formost, we talked all about mental health and success. There were three key points she made over and over again that helped set herself and others to success. Whatever your goals, she affirms that referencing these three rules of hers for guidance will help you achieve success in life. Read below for Kelsey Formost’s three tips for success.

Kelsey Foremost

Kelsey Formost is an actress turned copywriting and marketing expert. Through her business, her Magic Words, Formost teaches other entrepreneurs how to use words to make their businesses and products stand out. She also hosts the “Find Your Magic” podcast, which covers everything from business advice to creativity to social justice and more.

1. Seek harmony, not balance

We’ve all heard the term “work-life balance,” but Formost doesn’t like it. She thinks the term can inadvertently stigmatize you into thinking you’re living the “wrong” life when something requires a great deal of attention. Furthermore, she also believes that the word “balance” means that everything in your life is on an equal footing, which is impossible. You may need to concentrate more than other areas.

What Formost is aiming for instead is harmony. “I consider all areas of my life—work, friends and family, romantic relationships—the voices of the choir that make up my life,” she said. “Sometimes one voice is very loud and needs attention, but if you invest in other areas and give them the right care, they can work in harmony and need your attention. She goes on to say that in times of discord, we essentially “turn the music off” and see which areas of our lives need “adjustment” so that the choir can function in harmony again. The key to creating harmony in your life is listening to voices from all walks of life and responding to what is needed at the moment: the loudest voice.

2. Mental health care is essential

Formost also firmly believes that taking care of one’s mental health is the only way to ensure one’s fullest, most authentic and creative self comes to work. If your mental health is not checked, it will inevitably interfere with your work. The energy within you is reflected in the outside world. “Sure, you can ‘hustle’ to a big payday, but it’s not sustainable,” she said. , missed deadlines, and ultimately burnout. All of this prevents you from reaching your full potential. Taking time to ground yourself will help you feel calmer and more confident. In turn, this will help you manifest success.

3. Stop “should-ing” with your whole body

When it comes to achieving success, there is no one-size-fits-all. That means their journey is no different. Focus on doing what works best for you instead of thinking about all the things you “should” do. To prioritize yourself and your needs, Formost encourages you to take small steps every day. This can be anything from meditation to bathing to calling loved ones and everything in between.

She also added that mental health is not something that can be fixed quickly. Essentially, doing the little things that make you and your mind better every day adds up over time. It helps you take shape. And it’s a guaranteed recipe for success.

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