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“> Booktok: Good or Bad?

Design: Syeda Afrin Tarannum

Please try to imagine. Imagine you walk into a bookstore looking for your next book. Without a specific idea of ​​what you want, you may be skimming the cover until you come across a title that catches your eye. Once I pick one I like, I look at the back to see what it’s about and if it’s worth my time, but all I see is a confusing collection of phrases.

Using metaphors to categorize books originally started on fanfiction sites. Readers can search for works based on specific tropes, also called tags. For a long time this existed exclusively for online content, but recently it was picked up by the creators of booktok.

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Recently, it has become common among creators to produce recommendation videos centered on specific spoilers. To create such content, authors must read and find books that best fit what they are talking about. However, if you rely solely on book tags, you may be limiting your reading preferences to just a handful of titles and missing out on other very good reading. He has a reputation for recommending books over and over again.

Many readers are addicted only to novels in which there are certain tropes in the plot. This allows you to filter your selections more efficiently. The actual plot may not matter all that much to them, as long as it fills the headcanon. So, in this case, the reader wants to know the basic story and its circumstances more than the fact that the soulmates are in a love triangle.

That said, there’s no denying that booktoks give aspiring authors a chance to get their novels out there. By announcing what dynamics their books adhere to, they can grab the attention of book-lovers and land them on recommended lists. Not only is this free promotion for the author, but it also helps spread the word to the right demographic. However, sometimes I feel pressured to use these metaphors.

Publishers have tried different marketing tactics to adapt to the conditions in the book industry, but this is just one of the methods they are using today. It’s still a relatively new concept for now, but considering how much the book seems to like it, it might soon become the norm.

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