Mark L. Goldberg

Above all, managers want a healthy business. There are two parts to being healthy for him, financial and organizational. To determine the health of a business, owners should ask themselves whether their business is profitable, sustainable, and a good place to work. Here are some steps to follow and questions to answer when assessing the health of your business.

Set goals and objectives and share them effectively. Without mentioning semantics, do you have a business plan that you share with your team? Do you set long-term and short-term goals that are quantifiable and measurable? Are you making it understandable?

Marc Goldberg, Certified Mentor, SCORE Cape Cod & the Islands

Is employee morale high? Do your employees work as a team to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives? Do your teammates respect their position and show this with low turnover and enthusiasm for the organization?

Are you demonstrating strong leadership? Are you making decisions in the best interest of your people and the business? Have you put together the best team to achieve stated goals? Genuine, transparent, value-based communicators Are you setting an example for your team by becoming a leader? Do your employees feel appreciated? Do you lead by example or manage on demand? Will your team follow up quickly?

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