Since its inception in 2020, the focus of ICLEI’s Daring Cities Forum has been to promote and accelerate climate emergency action in the region. And indeed, with well over 2,000 of his jurisdictions around the world officially declaring a climate emergency, the projects the city is about to start will help mitigate global warming and create more resilient communities. It is tied to the overarching goal of

But contrary to popular belief, Esther Mojorosi, Head of Innovative Finance at the ICLEI World Secretariat, says the project is not on hold. ”

The inaccessibility, she says, is due to a combination of a lack of local technical expertise and the current financial system she describes. No in emergency mode. “It takes her 12 to 18 months just to conduct technical research and access the expertise she needs to prepare her business model,” she says. Benefits and feasibility of the project.

bold urban coherence modus operandi Mogyorósy said finance will be the focus of this year’s virtual conference on accelerating the emergency response to climate change. Probably not considered at this time. ”

A high-level session on Thursday, October 6, entitled “Bridging the Gap: Innovative Financing for Urban Transformation,” will address these challenges head-on, with Mogyorósy’s presentation on “Financing the Climate Emergency.” We will tackle these challenges head-on, as we begin the debate about what it means to deliver.” How is it different from the usual financial business model?” and “What can and should be done regarding the scale and speed of funding available? prize.”

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As with many sessions of the conference, multiple perspectives are brought to the table. “Filling the Gap” will include panelists from the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the United Nations Capital Development Fund, with someone from Makati City joining as Mojorosi in the spirit of ensuring representation at the local level. . “He is one of the major cities in the Philippines. It is a financial center and a well-developed city.”

Yunus Arikan, ICLEI’s Global Advocacy Director, said Makati City, like Monterrey, Mexico, is already helping to advance the fight against climate change at the local level and is an active “pioneer.” Two representative examples of “local governments” are cited. Participating in workshops focused on scaling up action through the implementation of various financial instruments.

A major economic center, Monterrey, hit by a severe drought, responded boldly with the aim of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Much of the focus this year will be on the challenges and opportunities on the ground in Central and South America, as Africa was the focus of the last Bold City.

“We are really excited to see new faces,” says Arikan. “Latin America has undergone some major changes, one of which is the new president of Colombia (Gustavo Petro) and former mayor of Bogota, who was previously active on the ICLEI Global Commission. was involved in.”

Petro is clearly a leader in a city that “knows” climate change, and has an agenda that includes exploring new and innovative ways to protect the Amazon rainforest. This includes the natural exchange of debt in return for developing countries such as Colombia to reduce or cancel their debt. A commitment to fund green projects.

While Petro will not participate in Daring Cities, ICLEI said it hopes Colombian Environment Minister Susana Muhammad will participate in some of the intergovernmental talks planned to address the current climate emergency. Arikan says.

Despite the emphasis on finance, ICLEI’s Mogyorósy noted that virtually all sessions were practical, conducted in layman’s terms, and focused more on process and strategy than on actual numerical calculations. He emphasizes the less formal atmosphere and more “fireside chat”. they. Judging by the speaker line-up, a unique mix of multi-level public and private inputs takes place in sessions tailored to different interests, depending on the hot button.

Mogyorósy says he is most excited about the first day’s sessions on digital finance solutions. Great learning lesson. ”

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Registration for the Daring Cities 2022 Forum is now open at here to see the full program

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