You’ve already read hundreds of articles on social media marketing about how to post quality content, how to target your audience, how to spend only 30 minutes a day on social media, and more. These are all weak source hints that won’t make you any significant progress. provides a great jump start.

You can buy popular profiles

Others are building audiences and are now looking to sell. Visit websites like fame swap Find affordable social media profiles you can take over. Don’t make hasty decisions. Some have been depleted by bots, while others have simply been stripped from TikTok and Instagram in bulk and repackaged. You should go to their profile to see what people interact with and see if there is any real interaction. For example, 5033 views and 5000 likes is pretty suspicious.

Feel free to purchase multiple social media profiles. This is a trick that is often overlooked. You can even post similar content across your profiles to get maximum attention. Then when some profiles start to perform better than others, focus all your energy on them Send your marketing message in action.

Enter the emerging social media arena

Some traditional social media platforms fail to connect with their audience. People are banned by YouTube’s rules on restricted speech, Twitter is full of bots, and Facebook is still dominated by young people (which is fine if you’re marketing to young people, but otherwise is not very useful).

There was a time when TikTok was the new kid on the scene, but now it dominates.People are a little shy about investing time and effort into new social media platforms. We all remember MySpace, Google+, Vine, etc.

However, something like ‘Rumble’ is doing really well right now and just had a $400 million cash injection, so expect bigger things in the future. Also, the current Twitter alternative is GETTR. This is also growing in popularity due to its more balanced approach to social justice. Get on these emerging social media platforms today and get a screen name for yourself before anyone else does. You don’t need to add a number or an X to the end of your screen name. Because her teen from Ohio spotty got your screen name first.

pay for advertising

The best and fastest way to increase engagement and followers. The best system on the internet so far is his system for TikTok. Because it’s all prepaid, effective, and easy to use. Then there is the YouTube Promote feature. This is fine if you set your daily budget reasonably low (too high and click fraudsters will target you and receive clicks without views). Then you get a business account on Rumble and start spreading your message across the internet to add oil to the pond. Next, look at Facebook promotions. Add promotional content ads to your Facebook wall and “boost” it to increase engagement. It’s not an efficient system, but it often digs deep into Facebook’s database to attract a few users to follow you. Not as good or as effective as TikTok, but much cheaper than what YouTube charges.

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