LONDON, UK, 30 September 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Just entering the market in early 2022, Yearnblock Finance is committed to bringing professional financial services to the world of digital assets. Yearnblock Finance leverages the team’s years of top-notch trading experience and the power of blockchain his technology to enable millions of people to tap into the value behind crypto assets, thereby making new and better form a financial system.


We envision a financial world where all assets are tokenized on-chain and where people can efficiently transfer or manage their funds. Yearnblock Finance always looks ahead. As such, our products are designed to be seamless, secure, instant and the future of financial services.


Traditional financial institutions no longer have a monopoly on credit lines for people around the world. Traditional banking and the solutions it provides have historically had deficiencies such as technology, complex transactions, and high maintenance costs. A community of borrowers and lenders is therefore built with the goal of providing blockchain-based digital asset solutions and allowing all members to benefit from the ecosystem. Using consensus-based proof-of-stake and blockchain technology, communities can borrow, lend, and vouch for each other to create a truly mutually beneficial self-managing solution that participates in all stages of the ecosystem. can be created.


Yearnblock Finance’s core values ​​are efficiency, transparency and inclusiveness. Yearnblock Finance offers services abandoned by banks. Reasonable interest rates, low interest rates, and fast transactions. The product is fully automated, with transparent processes and extensive efforts to develop a truly global service that provides wealth creation opportunities for all.

This platform will be a unique combination of multi-blockchain nodes and excellent user experience. All of this is coordinated by smart forecasting algorithms designed to lower loan interest rates, maximize profits for all members, mitigate risk, and ensure the safety and growth of the ecosystem.

Borrow with Yearnblock Finance

Yearnblock Finance’s lowest ever loan interest rate allows users to borrow up to 75% of the value of cryptocurrencies risk-free against cryptocurrencies at 0% APR.

Earn with Yearnblock Finance

Users of Yearnblock Finance’s monetization service can earn significant amounts of money just by topping up their cryptocurrencies. Plus, you can turn cold assets into hot profits and earn up to 20% interest with APY. Yearnblock offers a perfect way to automatically earn interest from your crypto assets. Easy-to-use platform Users can immediately start benefiting from ultra-high returns thanks to hourly interest earnings tracking and direct deposit of interest to their wallets every 24 hours.

Buy with Yearnblock Finance

Users don’t have to be Web3 experts to buy cryptocurrencies. Yearnblock Finance allows you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets. Creators keep improving the buying experience of Yearnblock Finance by adding more coins and updating the design. A trading company for traders is being built.

Swap with Earnblock Finance

Avoid the tedious Send-Trade-Transfer process. With minimal transaction fees, Yearnblock Finance offers instant swaps for over 300 market pairs.


Safe and secure

Yearnblock Finance builds its platform with security as the main focus. Bank-level security is utilized to protect member assets and data. Multi-factor authentication, encryption, dual vaults for private keys, and more are all available.

Several wallets and major exchanges accept crypto assets. Additionally, Yearblock Finance will keep a cold wallet treasury in case of a catastrophic event. We also use professional ethical hackers and third-party cybersecurity solutions to provide continuous auditing and a layer of protection.

community support

The team enthusiastically supports the crypto community by providing access to loans that use crypto as collateral and provides a way for the community to earn interest on crypto.

loan protection

Yearnblock Finance’s loan protection pool protects members who lend or borrow money on its platform (funded by fees). Any lost or defaulted debt will be insured by our protection team and the value of your coin will be restored instantly. Loans, liabilities and investments are updated daily and audited several times a year by an external accounting firm.


Yearnblock Finance’s model aims to protect token holders and always generate their best interest by offering the most competitive interest rates to cash borrowers/lenders, token holders and investors. increase. With Yearnblock Finance, users can receive higher interest rates than traditional banks. Add to that the relatively low loan interest rates. Each loan transaction is charged a different fee based on the amount of interest charged.


Yearnblock Token (YBFI)

Coinciding with the launch of the Yearnblock Crypto Wallet, the Yearnblock Token (YBFI) was introduced with a total supply of 650 million. After the token generation event, a member can use her YBFI tokens to secure access to his USDT loans against cryptocurrency collateral. In the future, a member who deposits coins into her Yearnblock wallet can also earn her YBFI tokens as a reward for lending to the network.

YBFI (a BEP20 token) is designed to be the backbone of the Yearnblock Network, creating a value-driven lending and borrowing platform for all members.

As of the Token Generation Event (TGE), Yearnblock Tokens (YBFI) will include the following utilities:

  • Ability to become a member of the Yearnblock platform and community
  • Ability to deposit cryptocurrencies into the Yearnblock wallet
  • Ability to apply for USDT loans with cryptocurrencies as collateral
  • Ability to pay interest on these loans at a discount
  • Ability to lend cryptocurrencies to earn interest
  • Ability to earn interest rewards on loaned cryptocurrencies

In the future, the YBFI token will include additional utilities such as:

  • Achieve seniority on the platform that influences the interest rate earned

Users can earn $YBFI for free by participating in Yearnblock’s airdrop program (, or purchase this potential token during the Token Sale.

YBFI token sale

Private sale: 1.5 months

Start date: October 10, 2022

End date: November 25, 2022

Amount: 39,000,000 $YBFI

Unit Price: $0.1

Presale: 1.5 months

Start date: November 26, 2022

End date: January 10, 2022

Amount: 45,500,000 $YBFI

Unit Price: $0.2

Crowdsale: 1.5 months

Start date: January 11, 2023

End date: February 25, 2023

Amount: 52,000,000 $YBFI

Unit price: $0.3

Unlock date: March 10, 2023

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