Astana – The Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan has allocated about 20.5 billion tenge (US$42.9 million) to hold extraordinary presidential elections in Kazakhstan on 20 November, Deputy Finance Minister Yerzhan Birzhanov reported on 29 September.

Press conference of the Kazakh Ministry of Finance at the Central Telecommunications Service. Photo credit:

He said up to 80% of the allocated funds, or 16.8 billion tenge (US$35.2 million), will be spent on salaries.

“Local polling stations are set up and election commission members are recruited. By law, salaries must be one-third of the minimum monthly wage, or 180,000 tenge (US$377). It takes into account the printing of ballots, communication and transportation, which all add up to 20.5 billion tenge,” Birzanov said.

Earlier, the Central Election Commission announced what funds to allocate to each presidential candidate for election campaign.

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