With so many new titles released every week in modern gaming, it can be difficult for an indie game to capture the attention of players and stand out from the rest. omega strikersA new free-to-play combination of MOBA characters and competitive 3v3 sports gameplay, has managed to attract a large player base through the clever use of content creators in its marketing strategy.

Indie games often compare themselves to established fan-favorites in an effort to grab the attention of a niche player base, and this can be an effective strategy. However, that strategy is only aimed at a small group of players, so it’s unlikely to attract the masses of gamers that indie games, especially multiplayer games, tend to lack. It is very important for multiplayer games to have a large and active player base so that queue times are short and communities are formed. This is why enlisting the help of content creators is a stroke of marketing genius.

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Hosting in-game events that incentivize content creators to encourage viewers to download and play their games is a surefire way to skyrocket concurrent player counts. omega strikers hosts in-game events that allow players to pledge to join a team of content creators and represent their favorite creators with unique in-game emotes.

There are event rankings determined by the total number of wins each team has won, as well as the number of members signed up for each team.This allows players to continue playing omega strikers Every day instead of downloading and uninstalling the next day.

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Where is the event reward structure omega strikers‘ The marketing strategy does most of the hard work: the top three creator teams each get an original skin in the game designed after them.Top 3 teams will receive up to 3% omega strikers‘Season 1 Net Earnings. This can be a hefty sum based on how many players the game draws in the event.

This reward structure motivates content creators to rally their fanbases and bring more players into their games. Players also have a reason to play games in the form of rewards they can earn. Both parties have a vested interest in the creator’s participation in his event, and the free-to-play price of the game leaves no barriers to entry for players. omega strikers has exploded in popularity with a huge number of concurrent players.

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Making the grand prize 3% of the first season’s net revenue was also a smart move. Because the unique nature of the award itself brought a lot of attention to the game in news stories and articles. Plus, if the game is already a huge success, 3% is just a big loss, thus avoiding a possible disaster scenario with a flat amount of money.

An upcoming indie game should mimic as closely as possible the marketing strategy of asking content creators to enlist the help of their fan base. Marketing like this The main challenge for his campaign is to get the first few creators on board, but once that’s done, other influencers will voluntarily join in, snowballing into the game’s popularity. increase. Of course, it’s also important that the actual gameplay is engaging and fun. Otherwise, players won’t stick with your game, no matter how smart your marketing is.

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