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As businesses mature digitally, they tend to differentiate themselves from their competitors. His recent MITMR survey found that digital business is a positive contributor to developing leaders and deepening decision-making. Many young entrepreneurs have appeared on the red carpet to adapt to this new age digital market environment.


Mackenzie Thompson is one of these up-and-coming talents. This digipreneur is already making waves while moving past the seed stage of his career. He built his fame through dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. Today, he works full-time as his YouTube podcaster, digital nomad, and coach, social as a pathfinder for others by growing his brand and teaching others how to profit digitally. Is working.

But for Mackenzie Thompson, the journey of leadership, learning and legacy has not been easy. In his early twenties, he suddenly lost his job. Having no other choice, he returned with his mother. At that time, entrepreneurs had no money, no skills to monetize, and no influence. The intelligent young man understood a very clear fact – unless he improved his skills, he would hardly be able to decipher anything big.

With this realization, Mackenzie Thompson ordered several business books and read them over the course of almost a year. His quest for a life together pushed him to learn more and find a steady stream of income. Constantly seeking new knowledge, he finally found a way to grow and prosper.

Today he continues to invest in mentorship and courses to accelerate his expertise and ultimately his wealth.Mackenzie Thompson always had high ambitions. However, in the first few days he failed to achieve extraordinary results. This struggle has taught me that in order to achieve extraordinary results, I must be open to doing extraordinary things.

Recognizing this hurdle, Mackenzie Thompson began evolving himself to deliver a better version of himself every day. This continued upskilling has qualified him to achieve the fame and fame he has today.

Mackenzie Thompson’s program, The Hive Mind, covers a variety of training programs on Facebook Marketplace, Ofans management, and Instagram growth strategies. Furthermore, it aims to connect users with a hidden society of others doing the same. Mackenzie works tirelessly to make this program a complete success. In fact, he invests all this attention and time into its growth.

A young entrepreneur has achieved a lot in life. He learned how to speak Russian, completed his studies with a BA in Health and Human Exercise Science, and currently earns about $30,000 a month. His thirst to learn and explore new things is constantly following him. So this digital nomad is now traveling around the world.

Mackenzie clearly declares four secrets to making big bucks. First, he recommends focusing on value. Second, he believes in creating an environment of success and creativity. Third, he believes in building an audience, the filtered people who can actually benefit from the services he provides. believe. According to Mackenzie, these four fundamental factors have helped him move forward and gain recognition and wealth.

He also encourages others to pursue small milestones on their way to a larger goal. This will help you effectively develop a sportsmanlike mentality. Learn to accept failure, understand the reasons for your failure, and eventually overcome it to succeed. I suggest staying active and motivated.

Relieving stress doesn’t get people anywhere. Therefore, he advises people to relax and focus on their goals. A consistent and content mind leads to achievement and success. Mackenzie aims to grow his own YouTube channel, “TheMacLyf,” and podcast to a level where the media rights can be sold for his $100 million. He dreams of retiring his mother, who has always been there for him through the ups and downs.

What’s more, he also wants to inspire others to dream big and be the best and richest version of themselves. , Forbes, LAprogressive and other updated publications. He even has his Google Knowledge his panel.

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