Hevo Data enables our mutual customers to build end-to-end solutions on Snowflake’s data cloud to accelerate data-driven decision making.

San Francisco, September 30, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Hevo Data, an intuitive data pipeline platformtoday announced that it has been recognized as the first Integration and Modeling “Notable” Modern Marketing Data Stack Report: A Technology Guide to Integrating, Analyzing, and Enabling Data for Greater Customer Experiences Executed and started by snowflakea data cloud company.

Snowflake data-backed reports identify the best solutions used by Snowflake customers, enabling marketers to leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud and accompanying partner solutions to best identify and service valuable prospects. and show you how to convert them into loyal customers. By analyzing usage patterns from a pool of approximately 6,000 customers, Snowflake has identified six technology categories for organizations to consider when building their marketing data stack. These categories are:

  • analysis
  • Integration and modeling
  • identity and enrichment
  • Activation and measurement
  • business intelligence
  • Data science and machine learning

This report focuses on active members of the Snowflake Partner Network (or companies with equivalent agreements with Snowflake) and Snowflake Marketplace providers, examining each of these categories that make up the modern marketing data stack, technology is emphasized. Indicate partners and their solutions as a “Leader” or “Notable” within each category. The report also details how Snowflake’s current customers are leveraging these partners’ technology to enable data-driven marketing strategies and informed business decisions. I’m here. Snowflake’s report provides a concrete overview of the partner solution providers and data providers that marketers choose to build their data stacks.

“Hevo’s strong performance and innovative approach on Snowflake has demonstrated customer success, placing Hevo in the ‘Things to Watch’ category. Denise ParsonChief Marketing Officer, Snowflake. “We look forward to empowering our mutual customers and observing their continued momentum in collaborating on their journey to data-driven marketing.”

Hevo Data was identified in Snowflake’s report as a “Thing to Watch” in the Integration and Modeling category. It enables modern marketing teams to easily achieve accurate, near real-time analytics by integrating and transforming raw data from all data sources. Low latency and maintenance free.

“Being recognized as a company to watch in Snowflake’s latest Marketing Data Stack report is a testament to the dedication Hevo has shown to its customers.” Manish Jetani, Co-founder and CEO of Hevo Data. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Snowflake to create innovative approaches that enable our customers to adopt the best-of-breed marketing data stack to drive their businesses forward and serve their customers.”

click here To read the latest marketing data stack: A technology guide to integrating, analyzing, and enabling data for great customer experiences. About Hebo: Hevo is the intuitive data pipeline platform that modern data analytics teams in 40+ countries rely on to drive timely analysis and data-driven decision-making within their organizations. Hevo helps you reliably and easily move and sync data from his 150+ SaaS apps and other data sources to any cloud warehouse and make it analytics-ready through intuitive models and workflows. increase.

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