Nick Ayala is a successful entrepreneur in both the insurance and marketing industries. Born in Boca, Florida, Nicholas (Nick) Ayala didn’t start out as the savvy businessman and innovative entrepreneur he is known today.

Founder and Managing Partner of Preferred life insurance group Graduated from Florida State University with the goal of becoming a professional golfer. Ayala toured the world and was doing very well, but Nick eventually decided to move away from his love of golf to pursue another passion of his and empower others. rice field.

Over the years, Ayala has established several successful businesses in the marketing and insurance fields. As a renowned leader in the industry, many look to Nick for guidance and mentorship, and he graciously delivers with passion and dedication.

Ayala’s schedule is jam-packed, but she still finds time to give back and, along with her wife, Adriana, supports many of the charities that are close to her heart.

building a business career

After making the decision to end her career as a professional golfer, Ayala began working to fulfill her need to help others. This led to the launch of his Point America 365 in 2012. This digital advertising agency helps clients drive growth through lead generation and brand awareness.

The company provides small businesses with a suite of digital marketing services including content creation, marketing strategies, and connecting with influencers for well-targeted campaigns.

After running Point America 265 for two years, Ayala founded Align Capital Ventures. The family-run office specializes in futures and stock trading. His experience in finance, business, insurance and the stock market, as well as mentorship and support from the professionals around him, have inspired the multi-talented entrepreneur to continue exploring new business ideas.

In 2018 Nick founded Priority Life Insurance Group. He found many people and families vulnerable, with no means to protect his assets. Ayala’s leadership and knowledge quickly brought the company to prominence, and in just under three years he was sold to Integrity Marketing Group. Ayala is still his partner in managing the company.

Through various partnerships with insurers, Priority Life’s top agents are trained to understand their customers’ needs and partner with them on the perfect solution.

In 2017, Entrepreneur 360 recognized Ayalas’ forward thinking and creativity, and named him one of the top entrepreneurs for his innovative thinking and leadership abilities.

give back to others

Nick quickly realized that sharing his knowledge with others to help others achieve their goals was important to making a positive difference. It was clear that by working with his mentor, he could make a difference in shaping other businesses by sharing his skills.

He is passionate about mentoring other agents across the United States in both English and Spanish, helping them achieve immediate results in their work. Nick’s positive thinking and leadership skills have made many look to him for guidance.

Ayala said: You can learn from your mistakes and strengthen your business. Having a mentor also increases your knowledge in your field, makes other business connections, and helps you set goals. ”

Ayala has been a mentor and leader of many agents as well as involved in many charitable organizations. Nick and his wife Adriana are the presidents of the Make a Wish Foundation, a charity that helps realize children’s dreams through difficult times. They also participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds homes in poor neighborhoods.

patience and future

Nick himself says that not all of his business plans have always worked out as planned, but perseverance and a “forward-thinking” mentality have made him one of the top entrepreneurs and businessmen in the insurance industry. known as one of the advertising industry.

Nick continues to support others through thoughtful leadership and teaching how to maintain discipline while living a balanced life. There are still many waves coming.

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