One of the best parts of the Easter season is devouring the sweet treats that have become synonymous with the holiday, especially giant chocolate bunnies.

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But a dramatic new court ruling means customers looking to get their hands on the Lidl grocery store’s chocolate bunnies will no longer be able to get their hands on them.

A Swiss Federal Court this week ruled that chocolate bunnies sold at a European grocery chain in Switzerland violated a trademark agreement with Lindt chocolatier, immediately destroying Lidl’s remaining bunnies. I ordered

Lindt filed a lawsuit in 2018, alleging that Lidl copied its signature chocolate bunny in both shape and packaging, making it difficult for customers to distinguish between the two products. Lindt first acquired the candy trademark through European courts in 2000.

Lindt is estimated to produce 160 million gold-wrapped chocolate bunnies annually.

“If you put all the Lindt GOLD BUNNYs sold in one year side by side, it would be about 9,800 kilometers, which is more than the distance from our headquarters in Kirchberg, Switzerland, to San Diego, California,” said Lindt. said. Produced by Bunny.

The first Lindt Bunny was created in 1952 and combines milk, dark, white and hazelnut chocolate flavors.

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