DEEVER, Colorado, United States, Sept. 29, 2022 / — Renowned tech entrepreneur and SEO expert Michael Borgelt has surpassed $3 million in total recurring revenue and has: We are having a level of success. With sheer dedication and hard work, Michael has achieved this milestone with his company, his 51Blocks and his BionicWP.

Starting his career in computer programming and venturing into the Internet market, Michael Borgelt always wanted to do great things. He started his company 51Blocks in 2009 and has never looked back. Dedicated to his mission, Michael has amazed the world with his knowledge and skills in the field of SEO and strategic digital marketing. Michael continues his passion for educating marketers about SEO through the 51Blocks brand, where marketers dominate his label’s digital marketing space with unique client-facing services.

Michael has made strides in a similar field of internet marketing, launching his second company, BionicWP, in 2020. The company delivers on its promise by providing a fast and reliable platform. With excellent customer support and excellent service, BionicWP has gained a competitive edge over its competitors and achieved success. By not relying on automatic theme updates and offering unlimited revisions, BionicWP ensures that customers are here for themselves.

With his venture, Michael Bogert perfectly meets the needs of the market. He appreciates his decision to use his skills to help others. His company’s achievements are very attractive to him. Working locally for his businesses and small businesses, and developing his own plans to increase his online presence and attract leads, Michael Borgelt ensures that his clients have micromanage every step of the process. It allows us to focus on running our business instead of doing it. For CEOs and entrepreneurs, achieving important milestones in a short period of time is very impressive.

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