Navratri is a major Hindu festival celebrated in honor of the divine Goddess Durga. It is celebrated for nine days in September.

It is a very popular festival in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Dandiya Raas is a very popular traditional folklore of Gujarat.

The nine-day festival is dedicated to the victory of Goddess Durga.

Just as Goddess Durga wears nine different colored clothes each day, during the nine days of celebration, Navratri revelers wear different colored clothes for nine days.

On the eve of Navratri Festival, Hello Mumbai will host a special series on women entrepreneurs. Today I would like to introduce you to a highly dynamic and popular entrepreneur from Surat who is known for her amazing achievements in the field of social work and who has always believed in the empowerment of women. We are talking about Alka Singla. She shares her entrepreneurial journey with her Hello team.

Name: Alka Singra

Famous People: Social Entrepreneur

Base: Surat

hello mumbai : Introduce yourself or introduce yourself

Arca Singra : Arca Singra
to DOB ​​– 04-12-70
Place of Birth – Rudiyana (Pb)
Qualifications – Bachelor of Arts, University of Punjab Patiala, Bachelor of Laws
Married Girish Singla on February 14, 1994
Currently residing in Surat
Occupation – Business (Embroidery Machine)

hello Mumbai : Are you an entrepreneur or a startup owner?

Arca Singra : Basically I run my family business. But now I am fully social entrepreneur and devoted to social work. It was 2003 when I started traveling. At the time, Surat was not recognized as his hub for Indian textiles, but had only two of his embroidery machines. At a time when women were not known to own embroidery factories and there were limited designers, she learned how to operate machines from scratch and now owns a factory with over 50 machines. I’m here. Just as I realized how powerful it was for me to be able to establish something important, I wanted to share this with other women and help them grow. Switched to her work and now serves as president of Surat Sea Face’s inner circle club.
We start projects that give women the opportunity to work and be independent.

Hello Mumbai: How do you celebrate Navratri festival?

Arca Singra : Aside from nine days of fasting and galba, as a social worker, I usually start by spreading joy to the underprivileged. It doesn’t take long to make them happy and being able to bring a smile to the faces of disadvantaged children is the best way to celebrate any festival. Distribute clothing, stationery, furniture and electronics for children studying at the Maharshi Artic School, which is made up of students from

Hello Mumbai: What is the significance or significance of Navratri festival for you?

Arca Singra : To me, Navratri has always been a symbol of the triumph of goodwill over evil, highlighting the strength of Goddess Durga to show the resilience and strength within women and that nothing is unattainable for women. I am making it clear.

Hello Mumbai: What is the message you want to convey with Navratri?

Arca Singra : It’s a chance for each of us to renew our minds and bodies to overcome our own vices and become better and better.
A big thank you to Mr. Aleem Shaikh for giving me this opportunity and I am honored to partner with the online magazine Hello Mumbai. I have always believed that women are a force in society in every sense of the word. Women need and can nurture other women and society as a whole. We are happy that Hello Mumbai is such a platform.

Key Highlights of Her Community Service Projects

Surat Sea Face’s inner circle club

Distance: 306

Club President: Mrs. Alka Singla

On November 25, 2021, Surat Sea Face Inner Wheel Club donated a total of 25 sewing machines to five villages: Songarh, Dahod, Chinchli, Dang and Chhota Udaipur. The Garment Department was launched by Mrs. Sushma Agrawal, District Chairperson and Mrs. Alka Singra, Club President of Surat Sea Face.

This initiative is Surat Sea Face’s step towards empowering women and a big step towards women’s empowerment.

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