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In 2022, everyone will have to learn to code. It may feel like the ship has already sailed, but learning to code now won’t do you much, but it will help you improve your organization’s efficiency or better serve your customers. Think about how many times you’ve come up with the idea of ​​.. If you knew how to code, you could solve even more business problems.

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Even as an adult, learning to code isn’t boring. Scratch, a free visual programming tool created by MIT, makes it easy to learn the basics of coding and create real, fully functional projects. If you want to start your coding journey, The 2023 Coding with Scratch Programming Bundle is a great first step.

This 5-course bundle introduces Scratch to courses from ZENVA Academy (4.4/5-star instructor rating). ZENVA has provided world-class training to over 1 million learners through accessible courses such as those included in this bundle.

First, explore the basics of Scratch and learn how to use the drag-and-drop system to code your first mini-project. Learn how to create algorithms using flowcharts and coding principles, understand basic screen coordinates, deal with repetition and instruction branching, and move and modify sprites.

As you progress, you’ll tackle specific projects and explore different aspects of Scratch. There are courses for creating fish animations, courses for creating interactive elements, and courses for creating games using algorithms and code blocks. Finally, proceed to intermediate level his Scratch by building a self-driving car simulation.

Take the first step in learning how to code this year. Get the Coding with Scratch Programming Bundle for just $25 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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