California Department of Education
news release

California Department of Education
news release

Release: #22-44
September 28, 2022

SACRAMENTO—Tony Thurmond, state superintendent of public education, hosted a virtual webinar on Sept. 28 to invite local educational agencies (LEAs), including district and charter school administrators and classroom educators, to 36 We provided an update on over $100 million in block grants and other resources to advance financial education in Sacramento. high school in california. Tim Lanzetta, Co-Founder of Next Gen Personal Finance; Sherrill Cotten, Associate Superintendent of Teaching, Measurement and Management, California Department of Education (CDE); Tara Raj, Personal Finance Teacher at San Marcos I participated. A unified school district for sharing financial literacy benefits for students.

“This is a great public-private partnership. Parents want it, students want it, teachers want it. School districts are using this to ensure all students graduate with basic financial literacy,” Thurmond said. “Through engaging lessons, we can teach students how to manage finances, avoid debt, and make wise, informed choices that will benefit them throughout their lives.”

Hundreds of school districts attended the webinar to provide details on how free financial literacy professional development is being offered statewide. Research shows that students who receive a good financial education have better financial outcomes in adulthood, resulting in less debt and a better quality of life. That’s why CDE has partnered with California-based nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) to offer scholarships to teachers and professional development for financial literacy.

In August of this year, Superintendent Thurmond secured $1.4 million in private funding for California high school teachers to receive professional development to teach financial literacy, courtesy of Next Gen Personal Finance. announced. It builds on her $3.6 billion Discretionary Block Grants for Arts, Music, and Materials to County Departments of Education, School Districts, Charter Schools, and State Special Schools, which can be used to expand financial literacy course offerings. increase. One-time grants are available to pay for the 2025-26 fiscal year and are allocated on a per-student basis.

“I believe that teaching personal finances and financial literacy is very important in preparing students for the future,” said Razi. “One of the biggest things I would like to emphasize to the educators on this forum is that this class is not difficult to start and students will achieve great results by taking this course. I am really excited to see the program grow and hope that more teachers will join and teach.”

The grant will be used to provide professional development workshops to boost the confidence of teachers teaching the course. Teachers receive scholarships for their participation, and the first of her 1,000 California public high school teachers to complete her 20 hours of professional development at the NGPF will win a $500 scholarship. Teachers can sign up for these professional development workshops through NGPF accredited courses.
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Funds will also be used to facilitate access to the five largest public school districts in the state: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco. Next Gen Personal Finance offers a Matching Grants program to help school districts hire personal finance professionals. This specialist provides curricular support and professional development to support educators within the district. These districts can receive details of this grant program by contacting Senior Project Manager Tori Mansfield at [email protected]

In addition to the NGPF curriculum currently used by over 4,000 California educators, other high-quality resources are listed on the CDE Grades K–12 Financial Literacy Resources web page. For more information, please email [email protected] A full recording of the webinar can be found on the CDE Facebook page.
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Tony Thurmond — State Superintendent of Public Education
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Last updated: Thursday, September 29, 2022

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