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It’s not just about convenience.

Key Point

  • Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program allows you to automatically ship your items based on preset criteria.
  • This program has some benefits that you should be aware of, such as no minimum shipping amount.
  • Subscribe & Save offers discounts and flexibility that you don’t have to be a Prime member to take advantage of.

Nothing is more frustrating than walking into the pantry and grabbing a roll of paper towels. Similarly, imagine waking up in the morning to take a shower and discovering that your last bar of soap is gone and you don’t have another to replace it (bye bye, dreaming of starting your day clean). With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, that’s no longer the case.

Subscribe & Save is a program that allows you to sign up to have items automatically delivered to your home at predetermined intervals (often once a month). There are hundreds of items covered by our Subscribe & Save program, which you can use to buy everything from household essentials to toiletries to coffee pods.

The convenience factor alone is worth signing up for Subscribe & Save. But here are some additional perks you might enjoy.

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1. Discount

When you sign up to have your Amazon products delivered to you by regular shipping, you can usually get the products at a discounted price. But on top of that, you may get additional discounts when a certain number of regular delivery items are delivered in the same month.

2. Flexibility

With Amazon Subscriptions, you’re not tied to a fixed schedule. When you first set up your order, you can choose the delivery frequency for your products. So if you have something you expect to need each month, you can choose that as your frequency. Need an item only once every three months? We can adjust that schedule, too.

Plus, with Subscribe & Save, you can always skip deliveries. You may have set things like toothpaste or soap to be shipped automatically, but at the last minute you find yourself out of stock. As long as you update your account prior to the shipping date of these items, you can cancel the shipment without penalty.

3. No minimum shipping fee

Want your $8 monthly hairspray delivered automatically? No problem. There is no minimum order amount for Amazon Subscriptions. You don’t have to worry about paying for shipping.

4. You don’t have to be a Prime member

Amazon Prime members receive a variety of benefits as part of their membership fee. However, you can take advantage of the Subscribe & Save program without signing up for Amazon Prime. Shipping is also free for non-Prime members.

Clearly, you get a lot out of signing up for Subscribe & Save. So think about the items you buy regularly and research the prices on Amazon to see if they are more competitive than what you find at your local supermarket or big box store. If so, there is a fee to sign up for Subscribe & Save.

That said, check your Subscriptions & Save orders every few months to make sure you still need those items. I want to

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