September is marketing and branding Moon at Inman. Tips for improving your branding and detailed features on how to take advantage of the marketing tools offered by Zillow, Redfin, and other platforms, along with insights from our experts, are all in the works. You can find it all in Inman at Your Playbook for the Fall Market, a two-day virtual flagship event in October.

Pulse is a regular column that asks readers for their opinion on various topics in weekly surveys and reports on the findings.

When you first started, you may have bootstrapped your business’ marketing. How did you get your name out there in the community with no advertising costs by taking advantage of free options such as social media? There may be

Over the past two years, you may have enjoyed a vibrant market that didn’t cost you much in marketing. In fact, an avid buyer may have had your phone ringing for the magic formula for finding rare items in low-stock markets.

Now that the market is changing, you may find yourself having to put a little more time, money, and thought into your marketing. You should invest $500 in your marketing plan now. where do you use it? Tell us your plans below.

I’ll post the findings and top answers next Tuesday.

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