Emirates ranks highest in the world with 80.5 out of 100

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Release: September 29, 2022 (Thursday) 3:00 am

The UAE ranks among the best in the world for brand performance, with a score of 80.5 out of 100, according to the latest report from leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.

“The UAE has attracted more trade, tourism, investment and talent than other national brands. The successful response to -19 is one of the key factors behind the United Arab Emirates’ impressive results this year,” said Brand Finance’s Nation Brands 2022 report.

In addition to brand value, the report also determines the relative strength of national brands through a scorecard of indicators that measure brand investment, brand awareness, and brand performance. Alongside GDP projections, country brand strength is an important driver of country brand value.

Globally, brand performance remains below pre-pandemic levels as global interactions are impacted, with the exception of positives in the United Arab Emirates, which scored 80.5/100 globally. It’s top rated.

Furthermore, thanks to maintaining higher brand performance scores and improving brand awareness, the UAE maintained its position as the strongest and most valuable national brand in the Middle East and Africa.

The UAE achieved a score of 76.7 out of 100 and a brand value of $773 billion in 2022. After the UAE, in the region he is the second most valuable Saudi Arabia ($770 billion) and the second strongest Israel (73.9 out of 100). .

Globally, Canada scored 81.8 out of 100, surpassing last year’s top-ranked Switzerland for the title of this year’s strongest national brand.

The US, France, UK and Japan have returned to the top 10 brand power rankings after a year of significant declines in international visibility due to the Covid-19 pandemic. China also entered the top 20 for the first time, coming in at number 15, while Italy and Spain returned to the top 25.

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The value of national brands around the world has returned significantly to pre-pandemic values ​​as economies recover from the pandemic.

U.S. brand value increased 7% to $26.5 trillion, maintaining its position as the world’s most valuable national brand. The second largest Chinese brand value he will increase by 8% to reach $21.5 trillion in 2022. The combined brand value of the two countries matches the value of the remaining 98 national brands in the top 100.

The world’s top 100 national brands totaled $97.2 trillion, up 7% year-on-year and just below the pre-pandemic $98 trillion in 2019.

While the combined value of the world’s top 100 national brands is comparable to pre-pandemic levels, just 50 national brands increased in value during this period, while the remaining 50 lost their pre-Covid-19 crisis valuations. is below

The UK has been one of the national brands to record the best Covid-19 recovery and the highest absolute brand value increase among all national brands except China.

Serbia ($59bn) and Georgia ($18bn), the fastest growing brands, each registered a 24% increase as they attracted Russian companies forced out by international sanctions. I’m here.

Sub-Saharan Africa is strongly represented among the top 20 fastest growing national brands, led by South Africa and Tanzania, which were the third and fourth fastest growing countries in the world this year.

After the attack on Ukraine, Russia recorded the biggest drop in brand values, down $144 billion or $1,000 per capita compared to 2021. The Russian country’s brand value fell from her $786 billion last year to her $642 billion in 2022. Before the 2019 pandemic, the Russian national brand was valued at her $960 billion, but has since fallen by a third. Ukraine’s brand value has fallen from $107 billion to her $85 billion by $22 billion.

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