Troy University alumnus Brett Aurel and his family business, Police Surveying, are offering endowed scholarships for future geography students who choose to further their education at Troy. created.

This scholarship was created in honor of Orrell’s grandparents, Sidney and Theresa Orrell, who founded the company in 1971.

“My grandparents chose to bet and take risks on their family’s future, so they took the time to make their new venture a success while going through years of financially difficult times. With this investment they have built our family for generational success,” he said.

Two of the couple’s sons, Matt and Darren, are both certified surveyors and have led companies for over 20 years. Orrell, the current president, found his way into the family business through TROY and by studying under both grandparents.

“I was very lucky to be trained not only under my grandfather on the surveying side, but also under my grandmother on the day-to-day operations side, becoming a more balanced individual and professional.

Orrell graduated with a degree in Geography/Land Survey and Development in 2006 and became a Professional in 2011. Even more than 15 years ago, TROY’s geography program offered a clear career path, he said.

“Troy University was a perfect fit for me in terms of size and location, and was a great experience overall. “The program has a solid foundation and the career path is laid out in front of participants. Acquired and are now industry leaders in various fields, it is up to the students themselves to be ready to create their own future in this industry.

Brett Orrell will be speaking in a geography class at TROY in August.
Polysurveying President Brett Orrell spoke to a geography class at the Troy campus on August 31st.

Orrell said that creating the scholarship not only honored his grandparents, but allowed him to progress personally, while at the same time helping his industry grow. He said he would return the favor.

“This may be a small investment in the future of surveying, but for me, I want to give back to my university and profession for giving me the platform that allows me to make the most of my personal strengths. We are thrilled to be able to provide some level of support to both the university and other future leaders in our profession. I hope to provide them with a path to growth, stability, longevity and success that will allow them to be proud to serve their families in the way they have provided for their future. .generation.

“On behalf of Polysurveying, I salute both Sidney and Teresa. Because it instilled in me honesty.”

The Polysurveying Endowment in Honor of Sidney and Theresa Orrell is open to geomatics students who maintain a grade point average of 3.0 and meet the need-based requirements referenced in their FAFSA application copy. The application also requires a 200-word statement of future plans in the field of surveying and geography.

“We know that higher education is a personal investment in our individual future,” said Orrell. “If I can help anyone with a desire to study beyond academics, I would like to help them improve themselves while reducing their financial burden.”

Scholarships are awarded each academic year beginning in the fall and are for one year only, but recipients may reapply the following year. The number and amount of scholarships awarded are determined by the amount available in the fund and by the Troy University Scholarship Committee, which also selects recipients.

Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, Polysurveying is expanding its service to Florida and Mississippi along the Gulf Coast. In addition to land surveying, the company also offers aerial drone surveying and ALTA surveying.

To apply for the Polysurveying Endowment in honor of Sidney and Teresa Orrell and to see other scholarships offered by TROY, click here.

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