A photo of the Kappa Delta sorority, which recently partnered with Leda Health, sits on Greek Row on Sept. 18.

Content Warning: This article contains references to sexual assault

As the fall semester begins, at-home sexual assault test kits are rapidly making their way into the University of Washington through partnerships with individual Greek homes.

While these kits have been presented to the wider UW Greek community in the past few weeks, many UW organizations have live in wealth Advocacy, Training and Education Centerraised concerns over the effectiveness of the above tests in potential cases of sexual assault.

“These home kits have not been proven to be admissible in court.” Shannon Baileysaid the LiveWell director.

Sexual Assault Nursing Examiners (SANE) nurses are registered nurses who receive special training to care for victims of sexual assault. Rape, Abuse & Incest National NetworkSANE nurses are specially scrutinized to provide clear and accurate evidence in sexual assault courts.

“The concern is that SANE testing is allowed through health professionals. [in court] A clear answer is often used in court. “ Brittany Boholsaid a Livewell supporter. “Someone could have used her one of these kits presented as evidence and a judge wouldn’t allow it.”

By contrast, those who conduct their own sexual assault tests will not have the medical experience to properly collect evidence like SANE nurses, Bailey said in an email.

At home kitlike the one being sold Reda’s health Not used in court and given to recent partners UW sorority Kappa Delta otherwise it will not be admissible in court.

of Overview section of the Leda Health Terms and Conditions page He further stated:Leda Health is not a medical service and the information we provide is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or counseling..”

Leda Health, which operated under its original name of MeToo Kits Company in 2019, received cease and desist letters from both companies. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel When New York State Attorney General Letitia James False advertising allegations. As in 2019, the cost of the kits or services provided by the company are not disclosed as they cannot be purchased directly.

“We are concerned that these trials provide a false sense of security,” Bailey said. “If [victims] I chose to report the crime, but there is no evidence that it would be considered admissible in court. And it really worries me that students go through the process of giving themselves an exam at home, thinking that this might help them, only to find it useless as a result. We think it can be much more traumatic. “

SANE nurses can give free exams to students. UW Medical Center.

UW Kappa Delta president Taytem Raynor said he didn’t believe her organization was used, but Bailie said companies like Leda Health use student groups to advertise their services. said there is. service.

“I think it’s essential to keep in mind that this is a business, they are selling a product and they are making money from this product,” Bailey said.

The Daily reached out to Madison Campbell, CEO of Leda Health, and the company’s PR team.

“It is not our position that these kits cannot be used in court or in a Title IX lawsuit,” Ilana Turko, Leda Health’s vice president of strategy, said by phone. “These are case-by-case decisions and should be made on the circumstances as a whole and the rules of evidence applicable to the jurisdiction or proceeding.”

The group also claims to have contacted UW officials on several occasions.

UW provides resources such as access to STI tests, free sexual assault exams, free birth control pills, free educational workshops on sexual assault, free self-defense classes, and other free services through: doing. hall health, safe campus, UW Livewell CenterWhen UW Medicine.

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