, a startup that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 text generation system to create sales and marketing content for brands, today announced it has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Scale Venture Partners. Did. Day One Ventures and a prominent angel investor. The new investment comes as VCs see growing opportunities for ad tech companies that use AI to generate copy. The company’s technology promises to save time while potentially improving personalization.

Regie was founded in 2020 by Matt Millen and Srinath Sridhar. Formerly a software engineer at Google and Meta, Sridhar is a data scientist by day and developed his enterprise-scale AI system that detects duplicate images and ranks search results. Millen previously served as vice president at T-Mobile, where he led national sales teams, including strategic accounts and the public sector.

Sridhar and Millen say that with Regie, they aimed to create a way for businesses to communicate with their customers through channels such as email, social media, text, podcasts and online advertising. With so many platforms and media at their disposal to talk to their customers, he said it can be difficult for marketers to consistently create compelling content to reach their customers. points out.

“The way content is generated has fundamentally changed,” Sridhar said in an email interview with TechCrunch. “More and more marketers and copywriters working in companies… [need] Create and manage content and content workflows at scale. ”

Regie uses GPT-3 to power its services. This is the same as his GPT-3, which can produce poetry, prose, and academic papers. But this is his GPT-3 “flavor” fine-tuned with a training dataset of about 20,000 sales sequences (a series of steps that convert a prospect into a paying customer) and nearly 100 million sales emails. is. It’s also mixed with a custom language system that Regie built to reflect its brand and its messaging, and is designed to integrate with existing sales platforms like Outreach, HubSpot, and Salesloft.


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To ensure the system doesn’t spew out offensive language, Regie says all systems go through “human curation” and review before being released. The startup also claims to train the system on a “generic” language and test it for biases, such as biases against specific demographic groups.

Customers can use Regie to generate original content optimized for search engines or create custom sales sequences. The platform also offers blog and social media post authoring tools for personalizing messages, and a Chrome extension that analyzes the “quality” of emails sent by customers and optionally rewrites the text.

“Generative AI is completely disrupting the way content is created today. ‘ said Sridhar confidently. “For example, Adobe’s product suite, which includes Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, now Figma, and the Adobe Experience Cloud, is becoming obsolete as Regie continues to build an intelligent content creation and management platform for the enterprise. will start to become

And soon, Regie will compete with vendors such as Jasper, Phrasee, Copysmith, and All of these vendors use AI to generate bespoke marketing copy. But Sridhar argues that Regie is a more vertical platform that caters to go-to-market teams within companies while bringing text, images and workflow together on his one screen.

“Generative AI is a paradigm shift that will result in companies not only being more productive and profitable, but also making them less profitable at the same time. Few products can improve both sides of the financial equation,” Sridhar continues. “So if a company wants to cut costs because they want to assimilate their sales tools, or they want to outsource less writing and increase revenue at the same time, Regie can do it. If you’re an outsourcing marketing agency looking to maintain and efficiently generate content at scale, Regie can definitely do it for your agency.”

The company currently has over 70 software-as-a-service customers on annual subscriptions, including AT&T, Sophos, Okta, and Crunchbase. Sridhar did not disclose earnings, but said he expects the 25-person company to grow “meaningfully” this year.

“This is a groundbreaking new field. As always, adoption requires user education,” said Sridhar. “It is clear to us, as practitioners, that the world has changed. It will take time to convince the We need to show that we can perform better and maintain it more consistently.”

To date, Regie has raised $14.8 million.

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