If you’re looking to incorporate Reels into your Instagram strategy this holiday shopping season, this could be a big help.

As part of our new series of updated how-to guides, Instagram also launched a new 23-page overview of how brands can use Instagram Reels for promotion and community building. .

There are tons of useful tips and notes here. First, Instagram provides an overview of why you should consider Reel and the main strengths of the format.

Instagram reel guide

“The future of video storytelling on Instagram”. A very strong statement about where IG is headed – this is probably already a missed opportunity if you haven’t incorporated reels into your Instagram marketing strategy yet. It further emphasizes why.

This guide also includes some helpful notes about creating reels, including pointers about “safe zones” (i.e., where content is and isn’t affected by on-screen display overlays).

Instagram reel for business guide

Of particular note are the stats Instagram has included for each factor. For example, it provides more context as to why a clip uses an effect.

Instagram reel for business guide

It also covers reel advertising caveats and how to get the most out of the paid promotion format. This includes the following table of reel ad dimensions.

Instagram reel for business guide

There is also a section for working effectively with creators.

Instagram reel for business guide

The same goes for insights on the use of paid partnership labels, shops, product tags, and more.

This is a great, informative guide that provides additional data and engagement insights to back up your tips and suggestions.

If you’re looking at how Instagram Reels can be leveraged in your digital marketing approach, it’s worth a look.

You can download Instagram’s latest Reels for Business guide here.

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