JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) – A slip of the tongue has led to the former J-Sette’s new t-shirt business.

Charlotte Collins works as a Rehabilitation Director and Physical Therapist at Select Specialty Hospitals in Jackson.

Former J-Sette's gaffe leads to T-shirt business
Former J-Sette’s gaffe leads to T-shirt business(WLBT)

She’s also a Pilates instructor, and by combining the two words in her classes, she’s turned into a business venture she hopes to spread across the country.

“Okay, one, two, go ahead, Squigle,” said Collins. “1, 2, Squiggle”

Collins has been a Pilates instructor for about 15 years. From his J-Sette days at Jackson State University to now where he works at Select Specialty Hospital, Collins knows the importance of taking care of your core muscles.

Collins said: That’s a lot. Therefore, adding a layer of protection is very important. I call it just building core muscles, and it’s pretty easy. brush your teeth, at a red light, [and] When commercials run on TV. That’s good practice.

Collins teaches her clients the importance of core muscles, from posture to protection of vital organs to incontinence.

“It makes sense, it’s easy, and it’s effective,” says Collins.

One day, she combined squiggles and kegels to get a “squigel” in a Pilates class. She was encouraged to turn the words into a T-shirt to remind us all of the importance of caring for her core muscles, which is a favorite with Select and the staff at her Pilates classes. I have.

“It started with our CEO, Shannon Canard, who approved me to wear a shirt on Wednesday,” Collins said. “We have a Squeegle T-shirt on Wednesday, and many of our staff members are wearing her T-shirt to remind each other of Squeagle. please give me.”

Collins hopes to create a national movement and is working to acquire a trademark for the t-shirt.

Eventually, one of the great companies, Nike or Reebok, said, ‘We like that too! “

This technique is also useful for families with immobile loved ones. Collins hopes this T-shirt of his will help create a national Squeagle his movement to promote core health and safety.

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