With more than half of marketers admitting that effectiveness is not a defined role and is rarely a priority in business, brands are thinking clearly about how to properly resource their teams mosquito?

Language of Effectiveness 2022

Companies talk good games about their commitment to effectiveness. CEOs and CFOs cite the importance of marketing ROI, but marketers agree that effectiveness is skyrocketing on the corporate agenda. But are brands investing the necessary resources to realize their marketing effectiveness opportunities?

About 18.6% of the 1,610 brand-side marketers who responded to Marketing Week’s effectiveness language survey strongly agreed that marketing effectiveness is not a defined role and is rarely prioritized in their business. I agree. A further 32.4% of respondents slightly agreed with this statement, and in total he agreed with 51% of respondents. For Chris Carter, director of marketing and ecommerce at Specsavers, it’s a depressing statistic.

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