The second annual survey reveals a strong interest in online sourcing across the commercial, education, government, non-profit and healthcare industries, along with growing interest in corporate social responsibility.

Seattle–(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 28, 2022–
Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) – Amazon The business today released its second Business Procurement Status Reportshare business-to-business (B2B) trends and new insights we Procurement professionals across industries and organizations of all sizes. Amazon Launched in 2015, the business helps leaders digitize and automate procurement with powerful management controls and analytics tools. AmazonFor a report examining the rapid changes in B2B e-procurement in recent years, visit Amazon Business surveyed buyers playing influential procurement roles in the commercial, education, government, non-profit, and healthcare industries. we

The report highlights a number of trends, including:

  • 91% of B2B buyers say they prefer to buy online.

  • Currently, 58% of B2B buyers are making purchases that need to be delivered directly to employee homes, accommodating an increasingly distributed workforce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 84% of B2B buyers say their organizations plan to spend more money on Black or other diverse-owned businesses.

  • 63% of B2B buyers say improving the sustainability of their buying practices is a top priority goal.

  • The increase from last year’s report shows that corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals continue to be prioritized.

“Procurement professionals continue to face a variety of challenges in a rapidly evolving environment. We are always looking for opportunities to improve our customers’ buying experience. 2022 Business Procurement Status Report It helps provide actionable insight into procurement strategies and assist decision makers in continuing their digital transformation journey. Amazon work. “We are proud to provide buyers with the tools they need to achieve their business objectives and improve operations, regardless of industry, organization size or revenue.”

Amazon Business helps enterprise buyers overcome common pain points such as accessing a wider range of suppliers and managing distributed purchasing. Purchasing optimization solutions, such as purchase orders and invoices, storage and sharing, approval workflows, expense management, guided purchasing capabilities, and replenishment solutions, increase operational efficiencies across your organization, not just procurement. Amazon Business’ Smart Business Buying solutions empower buyers to get what they need, when they need it.

download 2022 Amazon Business Situation for Business Procurement Report ( The main points are:

Enterprise buyers continue to prefer digital procurement, and decentralized delivery is becoming the norm

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation efforts in procurement. 2022 Business Procurement Status Report indicates a strong digital orientation. In fact, 68% of buyers say they plan to make at least 40% of their purchases online by the end of the year. This is up from 56% of buyers in his B2B Evolution in E-Commerce report for 2021. Furthermore, only 2% of this year’s respondents said they only shop offline.

However, more distributed purchases and deliveries are becoming a standard part of procurement.Today, her over 1.7 million small businesses worldwide Amazon shop. Supporting his work remotely is his third most important sourcing goal for buyers, according to this year’s report, with purchases from local businesses and those with sustainability-related certifications. It’s next. Also, 46% of his buyers are responsible for multiple office purchases. Of those, 24% are responsible for support offices in multiple countries.

Buyers are price sensitive, but growing support for diverse ownership and more sustainable supply are key drivers of purchasing decisions

Businesses are facing growing concerns related to inflation, supply chain disruptions and economic recession, but they continue to invest in smart business purchases. According to the report, the majority of B2B buyer budgets will either increase or remain flat through 2021, with only 22% of respondents expecting their budgets to decrease this year.

However, while respondents said reducing costs and increasing efficiency were the most important areas for overall improvement, three of the four most important procurement priorities were sustainable and diverse. We are focused on contributing to the organization’s CSR goals, including supporting local businesses. The report found that he 91% of buyers take the seller’s certification into consideration when purchasing. It reflects consumer buying behavior where decisions are made based on the buyer’s values.

Yet organizations face certain challenges in achieving their sustainability goals. 69% of B2B buyers work for organizations that need to increase their purchases from sellers following sustainable practices, while 55% of buyers with sustainability goals procure suppliers who follow sustainable practices said it is difficult to This gives buyers an opportunity to make more use of seller certification as part of Smarthis business buying strategy, bridging the gap with sustainability-focused goals.

Amazon business business situation procurement report methodology

Amazon work We surveyed 440 B2B buyers around the world. we of April 2022 Use an online survey platform. Respondents included full-time and part-time employees in a variety of least $250 million in annual income. Respondents work in the commercial industry (240), healthcare (95), education (60) and government/non-profit (45) sectors. All buyer respondents play an influential role in their organization’s procurement process. This report also references our data. B2B eCommerce in 2021 Evolution Reportsurveyed 250 B2B buyers with similar demographics. December 2020 When January 2021.

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Amazon Business helps millions of customers around the world, from small businesses, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, government agencies, to large global enterprises, save money, save time, and increase productivity. , Reimagine Procurement with Insightful Purchasing Analytics. Procurement and business leaders have access to convenient delivery options for hundreds of millions of consumables across categories such as office, IT, errands, food service and specialty medical supplies. Customers also enjoy a range of features and benefits tailored to their business, including curated site experiences, Business Prime, business-specific pricing and choice, single or multi-user business accounts, approval workflows, purchasing system integrations, and payment solutions. can access. Tax free, dedicated customer support. Amazon business is now available usa, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, JapanWhen IndiaFor more information, visit,, and @Amazon Business., Inc.
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