Two brothers from Metro Detroit went into business shortly after the Detroit Auto Show, which focused on electric vehicles.

Ali Bazzi and his brother Mo started with the belief that they needed to buy Tesla and be part of the industry. Their thoughts: If electric cars are coming, why not be the company that customers plug in?

“We currently have 300 contracts, including plazas, gas stations, universities and physiotherapy centers,” Ali said.

You can add shopping malls and gyms to the list of Elia Car Charging Stations that grows by the day. All so far within Wayne County. FOX 2 met them at their first location, his BP in Plymouth and Beach Dairy in Redford Township.

“People go in there, plug in their cars, and run more miles to come out than they come out,” Ali said.

They plan to be operational there by the weekend. And as for the 299 customers, they are under contract, which Ali said he expects by the end of the month.

Entering a burgeoning industry full of unknowns is an ambitious undertaking for the two brothers, but they need help from Madison Heights.

“We have a very good distributor, and we can go there and buy as much as we can, and then we’re here,” Ali said.

The business model works like this: Their company, Elias Car Charging, pays the initial fee to install the charger.

“You pay by the minute, so how many kilowatt-hours is this going on and how many miles does it take?” he said. Please return to

Business owners who wish to move in also receive cuts.

“Thirty percent of gross income goes to the business owner,” says Bazzi. “All installations are our responsibility. We pay the DTE bill.”

There will always be challenges when they enter this brand new industry, but as long as we stick to our simple mission statement, we plan to adapt.

“We are here to give people a full range of options to make sure they can move from a to b,” he said.

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