In this live session with multifaceted lioness CHERON K. GRIFFIN, she discusses her growth as an entrepreneur, author and speaker, passionate about leading life-changing and inspiring conversations. I call her her lioness. Because she takes the initiative and hunts like those queens…she hunts and reclaims tools and resources for those who might not know where to start. , feeds the minds of those looking for a way through the maze of employment, relationships, self-doubt, depression and even the idea of ​​ending it all.

Cheron K. Griffin

Cheron K. Griffin

Cheron’s “I See You” initiative includes important books that address self-doubt and depression, especially among young people who are increasingly victims of suicide. Our conversation touches on the reality that we are a country with a growing population of babies raising babies. So many just wing it or deal with disappointment from false fantasies about how things really are, as they abandon one after another the old school beliefs that helped them to Not disrespectfully, but the “participation trophy generation” is not as prepared to deal with failure and bullying as the generation before it, which burned down entire cities or parts of cities to prevent success. . Okay, I won’t preach here, but I touched on this reality in an interview.

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I See You: Igniting Hope & Preventing Suicide is available from your favorite online retailers, but if you’re in Houston or just want to go on a short trip and support a great initiative, Cheron has ADULT Sip & Paint in Houston. We are hosting. Texas on October 1st…read more below. Proceeds will be donated to the “I See You” campaign led by Cheron.

Cheron is also the creator of an exciting reality series called ‘Preacher’s Exes’. The series recently struck up a relationship with her runner on the show, spelling good news for the show. As Cheron revealed to me in our August 2014 conversation, be careful. Spouse…not a preacher! ’ Well said the blind man…

After introducing “Preacher’s Exes” at a live session in August 2014, the response was so great that we asked Cheron to do a special guest article in December of that year. She was honest and candid about her experiences with her church and the people in it, and how she was influenced and motivated.

Cheron is also a serial entrepreneur, owning a luxury teeth whitening bar called About Your Smile, which also has a photo/selfie studio, and owns a successful premium Patreon channel, Rich Bitch Luxe Beauty Brand. I’m here. Global speaking activity… Wow! This is a busy human!

We are honored to bring you lively conversations with this stone-cold dynamo. He has found ways to continually give to others, even in the middle of an eventful journey to reconnect with himself…which has been fun and insightful as well. …Tune in!

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