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If your goal is to save money on shopping, you’re really going to need to do your research.

Key Point

  • 100-yen shops offer many products at low prices.
  • Some of the other places you shop regularly may offer lower prices.
  • For a particular item, don’t rule out Amazon or your local warehouse club or grocery store just because it’s cheaper than the $1 store.

My first trip to a 100-yen shop was recommended by a friend who helped me cheaply load up party bag supplies for my son’s birthday. All through that shopping trip, as she was walking around scooping up little party favors, I couldn’t help but say, “Oh my God, everything here is really $1.”

Fast-forward a few years and many of the items at my local 100-yen store now sell for $1.25 (I think they count as a $1 store even if they start with a “1”). But even then, it’s pretty hard to beat the $1 store price in most cases.

That said, over the years, I’ve done some research on dollar store items. please do not We actually offer the best deals in town. You can find better ones here.

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1. Amazon

When it comes to shopping for craft supplies, party favors, and more, you can’t usually beat the prices you’ll find at 100-yen shops. But if you’re loading up on a lot of those supplies, you might get a better bulk rate on Amazon. You don’t have to worry about whether

2. Local Warehouse Club

100-yen shops are full of non-perishable household items (candies, boxes of rice, soap, etc.). $1 (or $1.25) might seem like a fair price for these items, but you’ll have to do the math to see how many ounces of product you’re actually getting. In some cases, it may actually be better to buy these items in bulk at your local Soko Club store. .

Costco, for example, releases a monthly list of items that will be discounted in the coming weeks, which you can view online before you shop. to better understand where to shop.

3. Usual supermarket

If the supermarket makes a sale, it can be a big savings. Recently, a local grocery store had a special deal that allowed me to scoop up pasta for $0.79 for a 16-ounce box, which would have been more expensive at a 100-yen shop. Before buying groceries at the 100-yen shop, be sure to check the supermarket flyers (most often available online if they don’t get delivered in the mail). increase.

always research

100 Yen shops obviously offer a lot of products at very low prices, but they don’t always have the lowest prices for what you need. So if you want to minimize your credit card bill, research the prices to see where the really best deals lie.

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