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Is your state one of those sending additional stimulus?

Key Point

  • Relief efforts will continue through the end of 2022 in some states.
  • For residents who have not yet filed their 2020 or 2021 tax returns, the state may offer an extension.

There is no denying that the last few years have been tough. Millions of households continue to struggle between the global pandemic and accompanying inflation. 17 states have stepped into the gap by offering much-needed inflation relief checks to eligible residents.

1. California

Californians who lived in the state for at least six months in 2020 may qualify for a sizeable tax refund. The income limit is her $250,000 or less for a single taxpayer and her $500,000 or less Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for a jointly filing couple and head of household.

Recipients can receive up to $1,050 as a direct deposit to a bank account or as a debit card between October 2022 and January 2023.

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2. Colorado

By now, most eligible Coloradans should have received a one-time tax refund. If not, you can expect it in the near future. For single tax filers she needs $750 and for joint filers she needs $1,500.

To be eligible, the taxpayer had to be 18 years of age or older as of December 31, 2021, reside in Colorado throughout 2021, and file a 2021 state tax return.

3. Idaho

State tax surpluses are set to be shared with Idaho residents in the form of bonus rebates. For those who filed income tax for 2020 and 2021. A single filer will receive $300 and a joint filer will receive either $600 or 10% of the income tax he paid in 2020, whichever is greater.

Your check is currently being processed. Residents who have not filed their 2020 and he 2021 tax returns must do so by December 31, 2022 to be eligible for a refund.

4. Illinois

Many checks have already been sent, but some Illinois residents still owe $50 or $100. Single filers with 2021 earnings less than her $200,000 and joint filers with 2021 earnings less than her $400,000 are fully eligible. Households with dependents can receive an additional $100 for each dependent, up to a maximum of three.

5. Indiana

First, Hoosier taxpayers were promised a one-time refund of $125. And in August, the Indiana legislature passed an additional kickback round. A single filer will receive $200 and a joint filer will receive $400. That means the resident could see checks totaling $325 or $650 by his mid-October.

6. Main

Single-year Maine residents with an annual income of $100,000 or less in 2021 and co-filers and householders with an income of $200,000 or less are eligible for an $850 relief check. The first checks she mailed in June, but the state says it will continue to distribute checks through the end of the year.

7. Massachusetts

At some point in November, Bay State year-round residents will receive a rebate equal to 13% of their 2021 income tax burden.

8. New Jersey

Renters up to $150,000 are promised a $450 check next spring. Meanwhile, homeowners with income less than her $150,000 are set to receive her $1,500 rebate in property taxes. New Jersey residents with annual incomes between $150,000 and $250,000 will receive a $1,000 check.

In addition, residents who have not filed their 2020 tax returns are eligible for a middle-class tax refund, which is a tax credit worth up to $500 for each child under the age of 6. All they need to do is submit their 2020 states. return.

9. New York

Hundreds of thousands of New York homeowners are eligible for a one-time property tax rebate of up to $150. To qualify, the property must be the primary residence and the homeowner’s 2020 income must be less than or equal to her $250,000. Residents can apply online through the city’s website.

10. Pennsylvania

Homeowners aged 65 and over, widows and widows aged 50 and over, and persons with disabilities aged 18 and over will receive a one-time bonus rebate equal to 70% of the previous rebate claimed in 2021 is. A previous $650 rebate will receive an additional bonus of $455 (70% of the original amount).

Pennsylvanians who did not receive their original rebate must claim both checks through the Department of Revenue’s online filing system by December 31st.

11. South Carolina

Through December 31, 2022, South Carolinians with tax obligations in 2021 will receive rebate checks worth up to $700.

12. Virginia

Virginians with 2021 tax obligations will also receive rebates. An eligible single filer will receive $250, and joint filers can spend, save, or invest an additional $500. To receive this her one-time rebate, the Virginia resident must file her 2021 tax returns by her November 1st.

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