The new horror movie Smile had one of the most creative marketing campaigns we’ve seen in a while. But be careful. This can scare you badly.

Smile is an upcoming horror film that was slated for release on the streaming service Paramount Plus. However, following a positive test audience response, the film was a movie to theatrical release.

Marketing campaigns for horror films see actors scattered around a baseball field during a game in America, specially positioned to stare at the camera with big, creepy grins. Anyone watching live or watching the footage will notice the smiles.

Check out the smiling image below.

Watching movie trailers will give you a better sense of the marketing campaign. The trailer shows Rose, a psychologist with a terrifying smile, who becomes a victim of people. It might not sound that scary, but it’s actually pretty freaky.

youtube thumbnail

This movie is sort of a hybrid of It Follows and The Ring. It doesn’t look like the most innovative horror movie, and while it’s full of overused tropes, it seems set to be a lot of spooky fun. is what we need.

The movie opens in theaters on September 30th.

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