The Planter Nursery in the Santa Maria Valley has been growing quality transplanted vegetables for 35 years.

The bounty of the Santa Maria Valley farmland is best seen during harvest season, when trucks are loaded with vegetables, fruits and flowers, but work begins long before that.

The harsh conditions that crops face before harvesting are first and foremost noticeable. When weather, pests and predators can dramatically affect plant growth and even viability.

There, the transplantation of vegetables such as those produced by the Plantel Nursery is carried out.


Les Graulich, Plantel’s CFO and secretary, walked into a room holding young vegetable transplants in trays at the company’s Santa Maria production facility.


Between three cultivation operations in the Santa Maria Valley, the Planter Nursery has 1,350,000 square feet of greenhouse space and nearly as much outdoor grow space.

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