Kiran Kumar Maddula is one of today’s leading hospital marketers. With his 13 years of solid work experience, he has covered several profiles related to hospital marketing over the last few years. Currently, Mr. Maddula is the Group Head of Marketing for the Anu Group of Hospitals, a conglomerate of five multi-specialty hospitals in Andhra, Vijaywada, Pradesh.

His hard work and dedication has earned him several prestigious awards, including recently awarded to Kiran Kumar Maddula, Head of Group Marketing, Anu Group of Hospitals.

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Most Prominent Healthcare Marketing Industry Experts of the Year – 2022at the National wide Awards 2022 held at Hotel Radission Blu Atria, Bengaluru.

At the young age of 32, Maddula has found success in the field of hospital marketing through his aptitude, hard work, dedication and continued industry awareness. His way of working is innovative and results-oriented, yet within the norms and policies.

Madura is an ideal role model for today’s younger generation, especially those who see hospital management and hospital marketing as future career opportunities.

Madura’s core competencies are in business development and hospital management. This includes operational management and business promotion. Maddula is an expert in hospital marketing strategies and hospital digital He is also an expert in marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Since starting his career in 2009, Mr. Maddula has worked across different profiles in the field of hospital administration in various hospitals and medical institutions. This has given Maddula extensive experience across his field. He brings live experience in several scenarios that have made him an accomplished expert.

Mr. Madura has worked in the past as a hospital manager, state operations manager and center director.

Maddula cites experience, perseverance, aptitude for learning new technical skills, and adaptability as her strengths. His areas of expertise are marketing, operations, new clinic/COE launches, and marketing information systems. Mr. Madura is a native speaker of English and Telugu.

Maddula stresses the importance of digital marketing to the success of any organization in today’s world. All businesses are online and having a website is essential to success in today’s world.

But the value of digital marketing doesn’t stop there. Maddula believes he wouldn’t have achieved the path he’s on today without the help of digital marketing. Digital marketing forms an essential part of Maddula’s work. He is an expert in a variety of digital marketing techniques and has overseen a team performing strategic digital marketing for the hospital where he works.

In particular, Madura’s experience in digital marketing is very niche specific. He used his digital marketing prowess to expand the hospital’s popularity and make it more desirable. Mr. Maddula’s in-depth digital marketing His skills include SEO, PPC, blogging, website blueprint creation, and his web design.

Maddula believes that in hospital marketing, digital marketing works from both a B2B and B2C perspective. Patients can self-discover the health services they care about, or have their physician refer them to relevant health service providers. Digital marketing therefore works towards improving the quality and availability of healthcare.

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