Ishak Dar named new finance minister after Mikhta resigns


Ishak Dar named new finance minister after Mikhta resigns

LONDON (Dunya News) – Mikhta Ismail stepped down as finance minister on Sunday in line with the party’s decision, and Ishak Dar was nominated to replace him.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Executive Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif met in London to discuss the ongoing situation in the country and the steps taken by the incumbent coalition government.

The meeting was also attended by former Finance Ministers Ishaq Dar, Marryium Aurangzeb, Miftah Ismail, Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan and Ahad Cheema.

During the meeting, Miftah Ismail handed in his resignation to Nawaz Sharif, thanked the PML-N leadership for the opportunity, and said he had performed his duties diligently during his short tenure of four months.

While accepting his resignation, Nawaz Sharif praised Mikhta’s efforts and the way he carried out his duties at a time when the country was facing an economic crisis.

Nawaz Sharif and the prime minister have nominated Senator Ishak Dar as finance minister, but the meeting adopted the position that the current government must quell the economic disaster caused by the previous government.

Ishaq Dar himself said in an interview with Dunya TV that he will return to Pakistan with Prime Minister Shehbaz on Sunday and will be sworn in as a senator on Tuesday, adding that he will be sworn in as a senator after the PML-N bigwigs’ decision. . as Finance Minister on Wednesday.

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