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What is the HomeVestors Franchise Opportunity?


home besters In 1996, he started a franchise business in Dallas, Texas with a real estate entrepreneur named Ken D’Angelo. Ken has purchased many homes in the past and decided to turn his homebuying business into a franchise. He named this new business his venture HomeVestors of America, Inc. and subsequently sold his first five of his HomeVestors franchises, which were independently owned and operated in the Dallas area. Soon, Ken figured out how franchises could share vendors, advertise together, and route leads his calls through the phone system. And he eventually laid the foundation for a nationwide network of real estate investor franchises.The company’s growth further accelerated as franchisees worked together to share market intelligence and home-buying know-how. After first selling franchises in Texas and Kansas City, he moved to Georgia and Florida and repeated the same process. HomeVestors of America now consists of his 1,100+ franchises spread across 47 states and his DC and growing daily.

The HomeVestors franchise offers real estate entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to create their own real estate company that successfully buys and sells homes. Since its first franchise offering in 1996, HomeVestors has grown to include over 200 independently owned and operated franchisees across the United States and has received numerous awards and recognition from top franchise business publications. HomeVestors of America, commonly known as “We Buy Ugly Houses”, are the #1 homebuyer in America. Since HomeVestors began his franchise in 1996, the franchise owner has purchased more than 45,000 homes across the United States. HomeVestors franchise owners pay cash for ugly homes whose owners are often in difficult circumstances. Our franchisees renovate and sell or lease homes. This will improve the area in the process and provide great opportunities for first-time buyers, renters and property investors.

HomeVestors’ business model is built on responsible business practices and high ethical standards and is embodied by a network of independently owned and operated franchisee real estate investors. Rather than competing, franchisees act as mentors to each other, sharing advice on vendors and local markets. In a nutshell, our business model is:

  • Paid onboarding of franchisees
  • Provide franchisees with the best training, tools, prospects and expert contacts
  • Help franchisees raise capital
  • Provide each HomeVestors franchisee with a development agent to guide them with their home buying questions and other issues.
  • All independently owned and operated franchisees have access to the nationally recognized “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, ValueChek® proprietary home evaluation software, and lead management software, not to mention in-depth knowledge of the industry. Centrally supported by mass advertising by. , and financial resources.

This means that each franchise location is not plagued with problems such as:

  • Find properties worth buying and refurbishing
  • pay a lot for a home or sell it for a low price
  • make mistakes that can be prevented by working with a mentor
  • Budgeting for transaction and repair costs

HomeVestors offers low-cost franchise opportunities for investors interested in building a real estate business. Our unique model includes proprietary software that franchisees use to evaluate homes for purchase or renovation. It also includes mass billboard campaigns to increase market awareness and direct sales programs that help franchisees identify and find interested buyers and investors in specific geographies. With continued support from HomeVestors and development agency leadership, franchisees build wealth by buying homes at discounted prices. Our franchisees generate positive cash flow and equity by renovating and selling or renovating and renting the properties they purchase. Purchasing an Ugly Houses / HomeVestors franchisee requires completion of an intensive training program. It incorporates all the systems and good business standards for buying a home. Our franchisees are taught how to deal with homeowners who may be in a sticky situation, how to explain the homebuying process, and everything that benefits the franchisee while helping homeowners get out of trouble. Learn how to execute cash buyout transactions as is. ugly house.

How much does the HomeVestors franchise cost?

To open your own HomeVestors franchise, below are the financial requirements, cash required, and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial Franchise Fee: $39,000 – $80,000

Initial investment: $80,000 – $456,250

Net Worth Requirement: $80,000 – $456,250

Cash Required: $80,000

Veteran Incentive: 10% off franchise fee

Royalty Fee: Variable

Advertising fee: Varies

Contract period: 5 years

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HomeVestors offers internal financing to cover inventory only, and the brand maintains relationships with third-party financing sources that can also be used to cover inventory. As a HomeVestors franchisee, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Loans for the purchase and repair of eligible homes
  • Vacant house insurance at group rates with a third-party insurance vendor
  • HomeVestors Internet Sites for Accessing Information and HomeVestors Hosted Websites for HVA Franchisees to Help Sell Homes
  • At-home franchise that you can run from home

How much does the HomeVestors franchise earn?

HomeVestors is the only real estate investment franchise in the country. Unlike most real estate franchises, we operate specifically in the residential investment niche market, setting us apart from the competition from traditional realtors and brokers. As an independently owned and operated franchise owner, you can manage your own investment while benefiting from a national network of knowledge and resources.

Generally speaking, to flip a house and make decent money, you have to find a property that meets certain criteria, buy it at the right price, make major repairs within your budget, and then offer a good return. It is necessary to prepare a system for selling in the number that you want. That magic number outweighs the cost, but is well within the market. See Item 19 of the HomeVestors FDD for more information.

How do I purchase my HomeVestors franchise?

There are two ways to start building your HomeVestors business. Let’s see which one is right for you:

Full Franchise: $80,000

Our full franchise opportunities are for those interested in developing a full-fledged full-time real estate business. Full franchise owners are given local marketing rights, access to tools and mentorship, and can immediately begin steering the business full-time. A full franchisee typically sets up a physical office with staff to support and grow the business.

Associate Franchise: $39,000

The Associate Franchise opportunity is for those who want to get started with a low initial cost or want to grow their business part-time. Associate Franchise Owners are granted marketing rights in their region and access to tools and mentorship. Associate franchisees typically run their business part-time from home. As you grow into a full-time job, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a full franchise.

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a professional real estate investor or have just bumped into one or two, there’s one thing everyone in this industry needs. It’s real estate investment training you can trust and education that shows you how to get the results you’re looking for. Because it was taught by proven authority.

HomeVestors offers comprehensive real estate investment training and education that teaches the basics of buying, refurbishing and selling distressed properties. Unlike so-called real estate investment gurus, HomeVestors real estate investment training and education covers all the essentials, including:

Learn HomeVestors’ proven method of generating leads with the nationally known We Buy Ugly Houses campaign.

Leverage ValueChek, our proprietary evaluation software®Before you buy, understand the localized repair costs and post-repair value of your investment.

Develop the confidence to manage the buying process, from handling phone calls to creating offers.

  • Opportunity funding

Access our exclusive online financing portal to get eligible purchase and repair financing available only to HomeVestors franchisees.

  • work out the best exit strategy

Know your options From wholesale to MLS, we have a nationwide network.

Just because you’ve decided to become a HomeVestors business owner doesn’t mean you’re buying a job. You are building a portfolio of properties, developing a positive equity and ultimately creating a new life for yourself. Investors can not only sell refurbished properties, but also rent them out. Hopefully, it can generate a steady stream of revenue for years and decades. When it comes time to retire, rental properties are a great way to keep making money.There are few franchise opportunities that offer HomeVestors of America’s successful and proven business model and support system.Our superior real estate business. The success of the franchise model. Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

If you are considering real estate investing as a full-time or part-time career, there are several reasons why you should consider the HomeVestors franchise network.

  • America’s No. 1 real estate homebuying franchise is instantly recognizable as a people so homeowners, buyers, renters and other investors know you’re part of the national brand of established real estate already know that
  • Steady stream of qualified leads for franchisees using strong marketing strategies and incredibly strong brand recognition that retail investors do not have
  • Coaching and personal attention from HomeVestors development agents to assist and guide you in buying, renovating, selling or renting a home in your market
  • An intensive training program that incorporates a system for buying a home and exit strategies to sell your home fast.
  • A PROVEN SYSTEM THAT WORKS – With superior support and training that comes with our superior system, you can join a real estate franchise that has purchased over 125,000 homes nationwide.

At HomeVestors, we are passionate about ethical real estate investing with honest transactions that leave both the buyer and seller satisfied at the end of the transaction. That’s why we provide all HomeVestors independent franchisees with the training, tools and support to help them achieve their real estate investment goals the right way. Why We Provide First-Class Training Because when our franchisees succeed, so do we. We care about your success and will provide the best training to make it happen. We have already provided hundreds of franchisees with the real estate investment training and education they need to reach their goals.

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