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Don’t know Costco’s food court? Here’s what you should know:

Key Point

  • Hungry Costco shoppers can grab lunch or a snack at the food court at the local Warehouse Club.
  • Hot dog and soda combos are a perennial favourite.
  • Ice cream and chicken options also make the list without breaking the bank.

We often hear that it’s not a good idea to shop when you’re hungry. And there’s a lot of logic in that.

Almost any food can look appealing hours after eating it. At a store like Costco, that’s potentially dangerous.

But the nice thing about shopping at Costco is that you don’t have to walk around hungry.

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But some Costco food court items are better value than others. Here are three worth trying.

1. $1.50 hot dog and soda

Hot dogs are not health food. Let’s make that clear. But they are delicious. And at $1.50 for a giant and a large soda, it’s hard to say no to that combo — unless, of course, you’re a vegetarian.

2. Ice cream cup or sundae

A few years ago, Costco had an amazing vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream dessert. These days, Costco seems to have eliminated chocolate flavors, so you’ll have to stick to vanilla. You can put it in. And you’ll spend a lot less than your local ice cream chain.

3. Costco Chicken Bake

What do you get when you combine chicken, bacon and cheese in a pocket of delicious dough? Costco’s chicken bake has long been a fan favorite, and while it may not be the most nutritious, it’s great if you want a filling meal and don’t want to take a big hit on your personal finances.

Other food court items worth trying

While $1.50 hot dogs and sodas, ice cream, and chicken bakes stand out as winners in Costco’s food court selection, there are a few runners-up worth mentioning. First, let’s talk about churros. These would probably have made a top 3 based on taste if they tended to be a little more warm and crispy. You can get churros from

Then there’s pizza. If you live in an area with high pizza standards, you may be inclined to say no to a Costco slice. It’s a quick meal worth getting, considering you can easily buy it at. In fact, you can buy whole pies at your local Costco Food His Court to take home dinner for your family.

After all, Costco’s food court is full of delicious items that won’t break the bank. Walking through the warehouse store burns calories.

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