Parkersburg, W.Va., September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Physician’s Business Office, Inc. (“PBO”) parkersburg, west virginiaA US-based company that provides medical practice administration and administrative services to healthcare providers learned of a data security incident that may have affected the protected health information of certain individuals. The PBO notified potentially affected individuals of the incident and provided resources to assist them.

of April 2022, the PBO noticed unusual activity in its network environment. PBO immediately took steps to secure its network and enlisted the assistance of an independent digital forensics and incident response firm. PBO has determined that certain information stored on the network may have been accessed and obtained without authorization during the incident. This includes certain protected health information maintained by PBO during the course of the service. The PBO then scrutinized the potentially affected data and worked diligently to identify potentially affected individuals and the health care providers whose information was maintained. PBOs are June 30, 2022 Provided notification of the incident to relevant healthcare providers July 26th, 2022.After coordinating with providers regarding notification, PBO worked to collect the current mailing addresses of all potentially affected individuals. September 16, 2022 After that, I arranged for the notification letter to be issued as soon as possible.upon September 23, 2022all potentially affected individuals were provided with notice and resources to assist them, including complementary credit monitoring and identity protection services.

The following protected health information may have been involved in the incident: name, home address, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, treatment and diagnostic information, disability code, prescription information, and health insurance account. information. PBO has no evidence that this information was misused.

PBO takes the security of its information very seriously and has taken steps to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

PBO has established a toll-free call center to answer questions about the incident and address related concerns. Call center representatives can be reached at 1-833-423-2939.

Protecting your privacy and personal information is PBO’s top priority, and PBO apologizes for any inconvenience or concern this incident may cause.

SOURCE Medical Association Secretariat

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