The evolution of the digital space has brought about many major changes. One of the most surprising things that many marketing experts predict is how the metaverse will dilute and take over most of our everyday tools like marketing, social media, and branding.

The Metaverse never takes prisoners. This is true. One of the many marketing professionals who predicted this was Zoe Marais, a well-known social media and content strategist and marketing expert. Vividly shared her predictions.

Marais clarifies that the world is definitely heading for the Metaverse as many of our brands and products are fully promoted and exhibited without exception.

Marketing, like social media, is one of the foundations on which the metaverse is built. In return, the metaverse influences how we think about and use social media. The world will proliferate with more metaverse-oriented marketing tools than ever before.

So how can we expect marketing and social media marketing to evolve in the coming years as the metaverse begins to take over and dominate our brands, lives and businesses? Is it because most aspects of the internet will become unrestricted socially connected, not because we’ve stopped using the web for social and business purposes?

With all that said, marketing expert and social media strategist Zoe Marais believes that the future is the only thing that will help marketing and social media become stronger, no matter what the circumstances. She certainly foresees the transition to the Metaverse, and while she fears losing much in the process, she believes it will benefit most professionals.

“It’s hard to say where this space is headed, but we know that this type of marketing will become more and more powerful as the years go by. But I also predict that we will soon move to metaverse-based marketing where we face these marketing efforts on the platform, which is also a space that I am very passionate about,” said Zoe Murray.

Marketing experts also believe that more and more people and professionals need to be familiar with these new beginnings, such as the Metaverse and well-known blockchain companies. The more familiar you are with something like that, the more people can use your technology and grow through change.

“I enjoy bridging the gap between consumers and businesses, and one of the key industries that I think is significantly lacking in broad adoption is the web3/blockchain space. I have worked closely with blockchain companies to grow their online presence and help connect as many people as possible, from the broad masses of the general public to highly niche and evolving industries. This technology has tremendous potential and is seen as the future, and I believe that all these tools, including the Metaverse, are a craft that some of us are adept at. I keep imagining that if we can work on these new things and find out more about these new things we will definitely be able to use them to our advantage. If we don’t know that, how do we achieve what we know best?”

Who knows what the future holds? With more rigorous and honest discussions with marketing experts like Zoe Marais, as long as we know more and know more to do better, the world will no doubt be old fashioned. would be a better place for crafts.

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