UNIPaaS, an Israel-based digital marketplace and payment solutions provider for B2B SaaS companies, has partnered with Beelivery.

Following this partnership, the UK on-demand grocery delivery company implemented UNIPaaS’s platform to solve traditional problems of traditional payment providers, improve customer experience and operational efficiency, and deliver Helped with scalability.

Embedding an end-to-end compliant payment platform can increase the efficiency of your delivery platform, reduce costs, and improve payment terms for your drivers. Growth in delivery platforms during the pandemic was followed by investments reaching US$18.5 billion in 2021, but as delivery market trends changed in 2022, most platforms improved their operational efficiencies and Faced with the need to reach positive unit economics.

The partnership with UNIPaaS is aimed at improving Beelivery’s manual intervention and reducing the use of multiple payment systems, and has already achieved the following results:

  • Three payment platforms merged to create one complete end-to-end flow

  • Automated KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) checks make the onboarding process for numerous suppliers within 30 days

  • Improved compliance with KYC and KYB checks.

  • Reduce driver payment time to 10 minutes

  • Improved visibility of outbound payments to Customer Service through the UNIPaaS portal.

  • Instant refund solution.

UNIPaaS, a payment solutions provider for digital marketplaces and B2B SaaS companies, has partnered with Beelivery.

Mission of UNIPaaS and its development so far

UNIPaaS embedded solutions enable digital platforms to rely on services that help increase revenue, improve customer lifetime value, and deliver a more streamlined experience. Included solutions include automating and digitizing manual processes, reducing management errors, and improving cash flow. By implementing financial solutions embedded in digital platforms, financial services can be added to core software products, resulting in a 2-5x increase in revenue per customer.

In early September 2022, UNIPaaS announced a partnership with Purl Partners as an involved shareholder to expand embedded finance to digital platforms. A collective of leaders in the business, government and telecommunications sectors, Purl Partners aims to support growing businesses by providing expertise, resources, energy and networks.

In March 2022, when the National Federation of Self-Employed and Small Businesses reported that a third of UK-based SMEs were facing cashflow challenges, UNIPaaS’s embedded financial solutions could It has also been adopted by IRIS Software Group, a platform aimed at corporate cash flow. .

In February 2021, UNIPaaS announced the finalization of an external funding round aimed at building a solution for multi-vendor businesses. The funding round was led by his TPY Capital, with participation from his leaders in global fintech and other investors.

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