He is the proud founder of Branzio Watches, a portfolio of 15 different sites that has driven growth in the e-commerce world over the years.

It’s truly amazing to see professionals and entrepreneurs who are always looking at the big picture and working towards a greater purpose in their careers and lives. It is also imperative to shine more light on the journeys and lives of self-made professionals who believe in who they are and who thrive on their passion to do something different in their chosen industry. I couldn’t help but notice how Ronnie Teja did the same thing in the world of entrepreneurship, but now as a serial entrepreneur and, of course, a Canadian entrepreneur who started the business of Branzio Watches. As the founder, it has become a popular name. He expanded the brand in 2018 and has already expanded to exponential growth levels.

Ronnie Teja emphasizes on his journey that every day was a learning experience for him. He became the first generation of immigrants when he moved to Canada from Mumbai, India with his family in 2007 when he was 23 years old. He has experience working in the advertising space. However, such opportunities were scarce in Canada, so he began selling Indian (Punjabi) radios by going door to door in privately owned stores in India to sell radio advertisements. He moved from one job to another while improving his digital advertising knowledge and skills. He joined BestBuy Canada in 2012 as a Media Buyer, focusing on retail-driven emerging digital media. However, after this experience and working with other organizations while experimenting with the dropshipping and e-commerce niche, Ronnie Teja decided to build his own purpose-driven brand and Branzio Watches was launched. .

Today, Ronnie Teja is not only the Chief Executive of Branzio Watches, but also a dominant figure in the world of e-commerce, digital marketing, building authentic brands and advertising, and scaling distributed teams at scale. doing. He is also a prominent speaker and presenter at various summits around the world.

Ronnie Teja (@ronniesteja) looks forward to continuing to build his e-commerce business at Branzio Watches, committed to providing the best products and services to add value to people’s lives.

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contact person: Metabujit Teja
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Country: America
Website: https://www.pinterest.ca/mehtabjit/

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