If you’re heading to Victoria and Albert at Disney World in Florida for dinner, you may need to pack your fat wallet.

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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa with Victoria and Albert.

After reopening after the pandemic in July, the restaurant’s cheapest option went from $185 to $295 for the tasting menu. Same price.

Disney has released photos of its new restaurant:

What will happen to Victoria and Albert?

Victoria & Albert is a Victorian-era themed restaurant located in Disney’s luxurious Grand Floridian Hotel & Spa. The hotel itself he opened in 1988 and Victoria & Albert has been in business since at least 1993.

According to Disney’s blog, it reportedly offers items such as “New Zealand Langoustine with Passion Fruit Nuoc Cham” and “Quail Egg Soft Poached Egg with Galilee Caviar.” It is not posted on the website and changes frequently). Besides the sumptuous meal, you will receive a menu with your name written on it and you can listen to the harpsichord during dinner.

But that luxury seems to come at a price.

The three areas of the restaurant are the Dining Room, Queen Victoria’s Room and the Chef’s Table. According to the Disney Food Blog, prices for all three rooms increased after the restaurant reopened in July.

The cheapest option, The Dining Room, has set menus from $185 to $295 per person. If you want wine pairing, there is an additional charge of $150. The “Zero Proof” option is $110.

The prix fixe menu at Queen Victoria’s Rooms is $375.00 per person. This is up from $250 in 2020. Finally, dining at Chef’s Table, the hippest place, will set you back $235 to $425 per person.

Website says this does not include tip or tax.

how people are reacting

Some people are wondering if it’s worth the cash, according to the New York Post.

Victoria & Albert’s has been listed for the AAA Five Diamond Award each year since 2000. It has 4.8 stars on Google.

“Expensive, but worth it for a world-class dining experience,” wrote one Google reviewer. However, as the post pointed out, other Reddit users were concerned about the price.

“We dined there for our honeymoon in the ’90s and paid about $100 each. It was always on my bucket list to come back again someday, but not $445.” One Reddit user said.

Another mentioned the zero-proof price. “What can you get for a $110 mocktail?” they said.

As the post noted, TikTokers more complements the stunning visuals of the restaurant dining experience. TikToker said.

Others complimented the attentiveness of the service and the narrative element of the food.

@touringplans This is Disney World’s most expensive restaurant at Victoria & Albert in the Grand Floridian. ✨ Please join us on the night of the resumption of business. #disneyworld #disney #disneyparks #disneydining ♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

how others stack

Disney World has plenty of fancy restaurants. Disney Food said his one of its restaurants, Capa, has earned his Michelin star in 2022, according to his blog. Victoria & Albert is known to be the best choice, but there’s also Narcoosi, according to Disney Fan Magazine, which ranked higher than Victoria & Albert in 2019.

But it’s not even Disney’s most expensive restaurant in the stratosphere: 21 Royal at Disneyland in California costs $1,250 per person, according to Eater. Bice Ristorante, a relatively upmarket restaurant in competing Park Universal Studios, will have appetizers up into his $50 range.

One Redditor pointed out that you can eat at Chicago’s three-Michelin-starred Alinea for “the same price” as some fare at Victoria & Albert’s. That’s actually true: Alinea’s cheapest option is $295 per Insider (though meals can be in the $800 range).

Disney did not respond entrepreneurial Request for comments.

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