Marketing using patient data to develop well-integrated social-based marketing and advertising

Marketing using patient data to develop well-integrated social-based marketing and advertising

How can a chiropractor transfer a patient’s personal information to a public platform? While enjoying all the benefits of marketing with patient data, are you experiencing the pitfalls? You can improve the lives of your practice clients and help your practice thrive financially.

But being successful on the marketing front requires more than advertising smarts. It also requires familiar navigation of the regulatory landscape to avoid abusing the patient-physician relationship.

Marketing with patient data and mined segmentation data

There is a lot of data that can be mined from EHR (electronic health record) systems.

  • When will the patient be discharged?
  • What percentage of new patients are still returning to the clinic after one year?

According to a Medicare Advantage study, the average doctor visit is just 17 minutes, and 44% of those surveyed had not seen a doctor in the past year, and 13% in the past five years. This means patients are not seeing enough value in visits as an incentive to complete appointments, and providers are turning to big data analytics for answers (Evōk Advertising, 2020) . Where is the communication breakdown about marketing with patient data and what opportunities are you missing in your practice?

Today’s healthcare consumer values ​​personalization. They don’t want to be treated like everyone else. When it comes to patient emails and promotions, single men who play golf on weekends are not interested in the benefits of prenatal care in your practice. Segment all marketing to appeal to patient needs and wants is important.

What about compliance?

There is a fine line between using patient data wisely and violating HIPAA. The first step is to obtain patient consent to use their personal medical information. Next is knowing what constitutes marketing to former, current and potential patients and what does not.

This depends on understanding the HIPAA privacy regulations. This is especially important if you are looking to involve third parties in your marketing efforts. We strongly recommend that you complete a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) when using an outside business for promotion. Understanding these key considerations can help you step into marketing with more confidence (HHS, 2003).

You can email an existing patient only if the HIPAA email-specific rules are also met. This allows clinics to safely promote products and services related to a patient’s current care and other products and services that may be of interest to outside parties (HIPAA Journal, 2022). .

Marketing within Compliance

You can also market yourself via promotional gifts of nominal value ( This can generate interest, drive action, and lead to returns. The current Inspector General’s Office (OIG) definition and nominal price limit is less than $15 per item and not more than $75 per patient per year. For example, give patients ice packs with logos or trial sizes of topical pain relievers (HHS, 2002).

Using data to create testimonials is another way to set the marketing gold standard, and perhaps the most powerful one. Potential patients often trust former/current patients more than doctors, nurses, or advertisements. Getting recommendations from family, friends, or strangers can have a greater impact on your decisions about where to spend your money.

According to marketing charts, personal recommendations and third-party reviews top the list of authoritative sources, while traditional advertising ranks last (marketing charts, 2020). Again, it is essential to ask the patient’s permission to use the patient’s name, likeness or other personally identifiable details to reveal details about their private life or medical condition. This avoids possible regulatory fines and legal issues, especially advertising harm (IRMI, nd).

With permission, chiropractors can use multiple media, including blogs, videos, social platforms and podcasts, to spotlight that patient’s story. It is a very human, proven and marketable language that communicates the kind of work the clinic does and the kind of positive results they can achieve.

Leading patient data

Your perceived usefulness as a practitioner can depend heavily on public dissemination of well-integrated social-based advertising, marketing with patient data To Publish you and your services to the public instead of just promoting them (Big Commerce, n.d.). By following HIPAA rules in all instances, your marketing is as effective as it is worry-free.

Ray Foxworth, DC, FICC, is a Certified Medical Compliance Specialist and President of ChiroHealthUSA. is also a fellow of He can be reached at


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