Construction workers on Florida Avenue in Seminole Heights

Residents and business owners of Seminole Heights say construction has been underway for nearly a year. The Tampa City Council plans to consider construction concerns at its meeting Thursday, as the closures are beginning to affect their daily lives and businesses.

The construction stems from the city’s multi-million dollar project to renew pipes throughout Tampa, making changes to the city’s 100-year-old stormwater infrastructure to solve flooding problems. increase.

However, to solve the flood problem, the construction has created new problems, especially for the residents who live and work in the area.

Construction was a headache and an inconvenience for residents, but the main artery of North Florida Avenue was also closed, leaving many small businesses behind road closure signs.
With no traffic going through, the closures are impacting sales, with some business owners telling FOX 13 that there are days when sales drop by 30%.

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For the residents of Crest Avenue, attempts to solve the flooding problem actually created more flooding problems. Residents have had paved roads left unattended for months for construction, and projects continue to progress months behind schedule, resulting in muddy rivers in front of their homes when it rains.

The city told FOX 13 that the delay was due to supply chain shortages.

On Thursday, members of the Tampa City Council will provide updates at a meeting to discuss how they can help those affected by the project.

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