San Mateo, California, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Achieve, the leader in digital personal finance, announces new brands and expanded line of products designed to help everyday people embark on and stay on the path to a better financial future. service was launched.

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Has over 123 million consumers usa Someone who can take help to transition from financial hardship to prosperity. Achieve’s digital personal finance services help people reduce debt, improve cash flow, save money and reduce expenses. help you manage and plan for the future. Combining innovative technology with a relationship-driven approach, Achieve supports the consumer at every stage of his financial journey with personal loans, debt consolidation, home equity loans, financial tools and education. Achieve continues to grow to meet the ever-evolving financial needs of its members and, in the future, plans to help everyday people with banking, budgeting and more.

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Co-founded by co-CEOs Andrew Hauser When blood straw, Achieve’s foundation is built on Freedom Financial Network’s 20 years of consumer-centric financial services expertise. Since 2002, Freedom Financial Network has served over one million of his consumers. $16 billion Indebted and facilitated $7 billion in personal and home equity loans.

“When we started the company, it was the majority of financial services companies that weren’t focused on helping consumers better manage their debt or deal with financial hardships. At that time, the new approach was based on the realization that Achieve’s co-founder and co-CEO said: Andrew Hauser“The traditional financial system and most consumer fintech still target the wealthiest people with no credit history. We understand, and that’s why we built Achieve to be the leader in everyday digital personal finance.People.”

Achieve’s 20 years of data and analytics, credit profiling expertise, and conservative risk management provide unmatched ability to navigate complex and ever-changing credit and economic cycles. Achieving is empathetic to assist people on their financial journey by profiling what has worked and what has not worked previously for their members, and by providing the right mix of financial products, education, and engagement. takes a customized approach. Her 2,700 dedicated employees at Achieve are based and work across the country. California, Arizona When texas.

“For 20 years, we have been a financial services leader with a heart, helping consumers manage their financial lives,” said co-founder and co-CEO. blood straw“As we achieve, we will continue our empathetic approach to understanding and supporting our members and their unique situations, personalized solutions and the path to a better financial future.”

Differences in “Digital Personal Finance”

Digital personal finance is at the intersection of financial services and fintech. Achieve puts people first, using data and artificial intelligence, combined with the power of relationship-based human touch to personalize solutions to each member’s needs and provide a clear path to the next step in their financial journey. Create a route.

“Traditional banks and fintechs often ignore non-prime consumers. Many start-ups have the experience and data to develop algorithms that work for credit-damaged customers. This is driving this substantial consumer segment off traditional financial services, forcing them to rely on expensive and outdated financial products,” said Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Achieve. increase. blood straw“Our approach to digital personal finance is designed for everyday people. We believe in a world where everyone has access to the best we have to offer.”

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About Achieve

Achieve is a leader in digital personal finance. Our solutions help everyday people start and stay on the path to a better financial future with innovative technology and personalized support. Leveraging proprietary data and analytics, our solutions are tailored to each step of a consumer’s financial journey, including personal loans, mortgages, debt and financial tools assistance, and education. .Achieve’s headquarters San Mateo, California With over 2,700 dedicated employees nationwide, we are located in: California, Arizona When texasThe company is regularly recognized as a Best Place to Work.

Achieve and its affiliates are subsidiaries of Freedom Financial Network Funding, LLC, including, LLC d/b/a (NMLS ID #138464). Freedom Financial Asset Management, LLC (NMLS ID #227977); Free Resolution (NMLS ID 1248929); Lendage, LLC d/b/a Achieve Loans (NMLS ID #1810501).



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