LONDON, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Open Banking Excellence (OBE)is a global center of community and knowledge that drives change in open finance, preparing to bring together industry leaders. virtual campfire Learn more about getting started with payments in Brazil.

It’s been over a year since payouts went live in Brazil. Mercado Pago will become the first Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) ​​in the first half of 2022.

On September 27th, key players in Brazil’s financial services industry will discuss the launch of payments, explore opportunities and highlight the tremendous growth of open finance in Brazil. The OBE also hovers the British flag, setting a blueprint for other countries to follow and maintaining its global leadership position.

The campfire is held in Portuguese and features fireside conversations in English. James HickmanChief Sales Officer eco spendto discuss his work on HMRC’s “payment by bank account” use case, saved We processed £500,000 in bank charges and over £8 billion in payments.

hosted by Eliseu TudiscoStrategy Principal Director, Accenturespeakers from the Brazilian ecosystem include Ivo MoscaSupervisor of Open Finance & Digital Payments Itau Unibanco; Karen MachadoOpen Finance Executive Manager Brazilian bank, Nathan MarionGeneral Manager, Latin America, bolt, Vitor Levi da SilveiraCDO & Open Finance Lead, Cielo When Aristides Cavalcante NetoCyberSecurity and Technologic Innovation Office Chief Banco Central do Brasil.

Open banking enables banks to securely share consumer data with consent-based third parties to create innovative new services. Open Finance is the next step, allowing mortgages, savings, pensions, insurance, and other sectors to unlock the potential of data sharing.

Brazil introduced open banking and open finance in four stages. In phase 3, Pix Transactions, Brazil’s instant payment system, by the originator of payment transactions, and Phase 4 marked the introduction of open finance.

stats from Central Bank of Brazil It shows that the ecosystem has processed a total of 8.5 million customer data sharing consents. With an average of 286 million API calls per week, he will equate to over 5 billion API calls after April 1, 2022. In Brazil he has over 5.6 million open finance clients with over 800 participating institutions.

Eliseu TudiscoStrategy Principal Director, Accenture“When all phases are fully completed, Brazil will have the most comprehensive open finance coverage in the world and will become the world’s leading open finance benchmark. is the reason for my satisfaction.”

“We are already seeing a significant increase in the use of open finance. This will not only increase financial inclusion and competitiveness, but will also lead to integrated journeys, personalization and Understanding the efficiency of the use of financial instruments in Brazil.Being a part of this exciting development has been a milestone in my career and I look forward to the benefits this rich ecosystem will bring to the Brazilian financial system.”

Helen Child, Founder of most, said: “The eyes of the world are on Brazil. The launch of payments is an important milestone and we expect the Brazilian ecosystem to become a global leader. The pace of adoption and implementation is very impressive.” Everyone working in the open banking and open finance ecosystem in Brazil should be very proud.The pace is simply amazing.”

“Brazil is now at the forefront of the global open finance movement, which will improve financial inclusion and help create a greener and fairer financial services industry. , is not just a game changer, it is a world changer.It is a great honor to join the open finance ecosystem in Brazil.”

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